Need Extra Space? BOSS Tiny House Kits are Your Solution

Jun 20, 2019

If you are still thinking that you can use a tiny house only for budget living, you need more information about the many other uses of tiny house. While running a survey, we asked many of our customers and also non-customers about the different uses of tiny houses and the response was overwhelming. Each of them shared their own views with us stating how they are using or plan to use a tiny house. Now, if you are looking for a similar solution, fortunately you can turn to BOSS tiny house kits. We provide a tiny house on foundation and on wheels at affordable rates to take care of the extra space problem that a majority of people suffer from.

Design Yours

A study room for kids

Children can face concentration problems when it comes to studying in a small apartment as there are too many activities going on at once. You can give your children their own space to study or explore by setting up BOSS tiny house on foundation. Our house kits come with all the necessary elements, including electrical and plumbing system. Our built-on-site DIY kits come with easy-to-understand instructions, and the steel panels are ASTM certified, which means that you need not worry about the safety of your kids.

Inlaw suite

If you have guests visiting you frequently and you cannot accommodate all inside your apartment, the idea is to attach an inlaw suite in the backyard. This way your home won’t be crowded and you can give proper space to your guests. A tiny house serves as a fantastic guest room and you can also use it as a perfect in-law suite by providing a separate space to your mother in law.

Workshop or studio

If you are a hairdresser, makeup artist, massage therapist, writer, or a musician and need your set-up, a tiny house is an ideal option. It is a space that you can ultimately call your own and need not pay hefty rent each month. It can be your workspace.

A space to meditate

Don’t you wish you had a quiet space where you could unwind, relax, and be with your thoughts? A tiny house can be your personal space where you can stay away from technological gadgets and indulge in a bit of yoga, meditation, or even listen to music and do nothing. It will be your own space where nobody disturbs you, and you get the opportunity to be with yourself.

BOSS tiny house is for you

When you are looking for a premier tiny house manufacturer, make your way to BOSS Tiny House. Being the most significant global manufacturer of DIY tiny house kits, we are confident that we can resolve your space issues. We provide tiny house kits on wheels and foundation that you can quickly assemble and install. Alternatively, our team of professionals can lend you a hand with the on-site assembly of our kits. Contact us to request for a quote.

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