BOSS tiny home kits are a self-sustaining investment! Know how?

Sep 28, 2023

The latest scenario in the construction industry is quite deterring for budget homeowners. The soaring prices, the outpacing demand, and the tight labor market accelerate the expenses of constructing a house. Moreover, the higher mortgage rates are another setback for home buyers. However, the best tiny house kits from BOSS are an ideal solution because they are convenient to install and cost-effective. 

Furthermore, BOSS tiny home kits come with many other advantages for the buyers and make for energy-efficient and affordable housing solutions. These pre-fab houses are designed for contemporary needs and are customizable for your requirements. If you dream of building your dream house without negatively impacting the environment, consider tiny houses. Here are certain ways in which tiny houses can be a cost-effective option:


Your home is ready in the minimum time:

The best part about BOSS tiny houses is that they fit any existing foundation and take little time to be ready to move in. These houses are future-proof solutions and ideal for extending your existing living space or downsizing. 

No requirement for skilled laborers

While hiring skilled laborers skyrockets traditional construction costs, tiny houses are a savior. They are designed for easy installation and meet the International Building Codes. They do not require skilled laborers for the installation as they are DIY-friendly designs. Besides, you can also book a BOSS installer to assemble your tiny house and opt for a hassle-free installation process.

Insulated Panels can endure weather variations

At BOSS, we use high-quality materials to manufacture the best tiny house kits, which can withstand variations in temperature and weather extremes. We use 3” thick walls with B17 insulation made of weatherproof panels. For the roof, we choose 5” steel panels with R38 insulation. The roofs are designed to endure a snow load of 30 lbs/sq ft. Additionally, we trust double-tempered glass for better insulating properties for the windows. 

Ways in which Tiny Houses are self-sustaining:

Apart from the advantages that BOSS tiny houses offer, they are also a self-sustaining solution. However, with the rapidly accelerating inflation rates, tiny houses are a cost-effective and sustainable solution as they pay for themselves in multiple ways. These houses have evolved as profitable alternative houses as they are affordable and save significantly in the long run.

Tiny houses save on monthly energy expenses

The panels used in tiny houses have impressive insulation properties, which helps in saving a significant amount on the monthly utility. The panels are superior in quality and help build an extremely energy-efficient space with exceptional thermal resistance and minimal infiltration of air. Tiny houses can neutralize building costs by saving energy expenses. 

Furthermore, these panels’ exceptional durability and resistance ability keep them going for years without needing repairs and replacements. They are built to endure weather extremes and thus are more sturdy and stable than traditional homes. 

Tiny houses can be a source of additional income source

One of the most important reasons behind the popularity of tiny houses is that they are rent-friendly. Whether you are looking for a space to start your own work or want to create an alternate source of income, tiny houses are your perfect partner. By strategizing in the right way, you can rent out the tiny houses on short-term or leasing options. Besides, the rent will help to pay off the associated expenses of the building, making for a sustainable decision.

You can choose from our wide range of tiny houses and designs as per your requirements. Want to start a business from your home? Get creative with our tiny houses and ensure a dedicated space for the smooth functioning of your entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Tiny houses can spike up the property value

Finally, did you know that tiny houses can grow your property value? Investing in a tiny house as an attachment to your primary residence can increase the property’s value. Since real estate has evolved as one of the reliable ways to increase wealth, tiny houses have also gained prominence among property owners. With the return on investment really high and ensuring, tiny houses have emerged as a profitable investment.

Final Words:

When you crunch the numbers and evaluate the return on your investment, you can identify the value of the tiny houses. The sound cost-benefit analysis introduces these houses as a cost-effective and self-sustaining investment. Shop for the best tiny house kits from BOSS and get financing support from CustomFin. Learn more from the website.








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