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Feb 10, 2022

A writer does need a separate space for the thought process to run wild. The family might create distractions, but having your own space is like a dream come true for many. Have the idea of tiny home kits struck you? In contemporary times, to maintain a proper work-life balance and become more financially independent, people choose tiny house kits. BOSS offers custom-made ADU kits that offer a holistic lifestyle to pave the way for unleashing your true potential. Budding writers find the tiny home kits for sale a lucrative offer as they are an economical choice providing the right ambiance for their ‘me time’.

If you are searching for a convenient and peaceful place that is space-savvy at the same time, check out tiny house kits by BOSS. 

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Design Choices, Spacious Interiors, and Upgradable Features 

With tiny home kits, you can transform your dream into reality. You can even customize and design the structure of your house. Our professionals will discuss the details and provide you with the ideal possible solution keeping in mind the architectural details and durability. We also have feature upgrades to help widen the options for future customization.

The ADU kits are tailor-made in 16 x 40 and 24 x 80 sizes, but you ask for customization to order bigger or even smaller. Each kit includes high vaulted ceilings, insulated interiors, a kitchen, bathroom, dining space, double-paned windows, basic amenities, and ASTM certified steel structures. The pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities help create a modern and multi-use living unit that is low maintenance and sustainable. You can effectively utilize the space to write your masterpiece and enjoy a delightful living. The modest amount of space serves a fruitful purpose for users searching for artistic freedom. The kits on wheels are mobile, providing you with the freedom to venture anyplace in the city. However, the kits built on a foundation are equally sturdy, durable, and functional.

Kits Have A Built On-Site System

BOSS kits have a 3-year warranty and can be easily installed in 3 days with the help of 2 skilled laborers. Each kit comes with step-by-step instructions that help you assemble easier and hassle-free. You can order the tiny home kits for sale online or consult with our experts to know about the one that suits your requirement.

BOSS Offers A Home Loan

In contrast to conventional residential complexes, tiny house kits are a much more affordable housing solution. They offer mobility, functionality and if you are a budding writer, then the BOSS Home loan is a great relief for your finances. Just make sure you meet the eligibility criteria, and the loan gets sanctioned within minutes. The home loan will give you the flexibility to get the tiny home that you desire. 

Final Words

Switch from a cluttered life to a stress-free zone. Individuals looking to prioritize functional designs, aesthetics and want spacious dwelling – find tiny home kits ideal. Create your unique abode for writing and finalizing the long-awaited script. For detailed information and consultations, call (323) 380-4304. You can also request a no-obligation quote.

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