BOSS pre-built tiny house shells taking you closer to your goals

Dec 01, 2023

There has been an escalating interest in the tiny house movement. So, welcome to the bandwagon, now that you are awakening to the advantages of choosing to ‘go tiny.’ A tiny house means low monthly cost for a house, less debt, least stuff to manage and the list goes on.

A shell is impressive if you are looking for ways to save cost. A tiny house shell for sale leaves you with plenty of customization options. A typical tiny house shell measures from 64 square feet to 400 square feet approximately. You can choose between a tiny house shell built on foundation or on a trailer. The park model RV is a tiny house shell that is suitable for traveling. A tiny house shell on wheels is a structure on a trailer that will help you drive into lifetime dreams.


Prefab tiny house shells are hassle-free structures

A finished exterior of a tiny house makes the task of assembling a structure easier. The complete exterior is known as a tiny house shell. Pre-built tiny house shells include walls, windows, doors, foundation, and a complete exterior. A shell gives you the freedom to custom-design a tiny house interior also there is no headache of assembling the exterior. These shells involve no hassle as they are manufactured inside the factory. You can hire a contractor or take a DIY initiative to assemble.

BOSS’s Permit Package

A permit is the main component while intending to construct a minimalistic home. You cannot get away from consent to have a legitimate minimalistic house on your premises. Our Permit Package contains FM endorsement certification, engineer-stamped drawing, and Title 24 Energy certification. You can submit the package to the Department of Building and Safety to get an approval within 4 to 6 weeks. BOSS tiny house shell kits are manufactured from ASTM-certified galvanized steel.

BOSS – leaders in manufacturing premium tiny homes

BOSS is one of the renowned companies manufacturing pre-built tiny house shells for over 20 years. We are the leaders in manufacturing tiny homes. You can choose from a wide range of tiny house shell designs.  Our tiny house shells are equipped with all modern electrical and plumbing facilities. All BOSS Tiny Houses come with a 3-year warranty and they meet all International Building Codes. Prefab tiny house shells are sustainable and flexible. The tiny house is automated and built based on the shape, size, and layout. Our structures are affordable, available at manufacturer-direct pricing. 

Panels manufactured using 35% recycled plastic

BOSS utilizes recycled materials to manufacture sustainable tiny homes that are eco-friendly. We use recycled plastic for manufacturing BOSS panels. BOSS uses 35% recycled plastic while manufacturing the panels. The recycled plastic offers fire resistance and higher degrees of insulation, keeping the carbon footprint low. 

Choose from over 300 lenders

Avoid paying upfront when you invest in a tiny house shell for sale. BOSS offers a lucrative financing facility partnering with CustomFin. Choose from different financing plans and get access to more than 300 lenders and different customizable financing plans. Get low-interest rates that start from 3.99%.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Explore our huge inventory

Do you have plans to buy a tiny house shell? Explore our store or online inventory for prefab tiny house shells. Book a consultation with the experts for customized tiny homes. We will guide you towards finding a tiny home shell based on your requirements.

Final words

Design your own tiny house. Request a quote.








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