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Oct 15, 2019

If tiny house is on your mind then cost-cutting is definitely what you want as well. Do you know that it’s easy and very much possible to build a tiny house yourself? When you hire a professional they do have the required expertise to erect a tiny house flawlessly but a layman needs kits. Yes, when you are planning to build a tiny house yourself you need to buy the right kind and proper quality of kits.

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When you come to BOSS, you can be rest assured about the quality of kits we deliver. We manufacture various types of kits; our kits are all-inclusive, have clear instructions and are of premium quality. Now if you are thinking about how you would buy appropriate kits, first make up your mind about the use of your tiny house, we supply kits based on your purpose. You can decide to build a tiny house and use it as a man cave, a guest house, a home office, a studio, in-law suite and more.  So, take time to decide and settle your requirement because the kit for an in-law suite would be much different from that of a studio.

Custom portable tiny house and homes on foundation

If a portable tiny house is what you are looking for, BOSS is your destination. We design tiny house on wheels mainly for those who need to shift location due to work and looking for a cost-effective solution. A tiny house not only meant for accommodation purpose, it could be used for a number of other purposes because people are looking for affordable spaces. Again, if you build a tiny house on wheels you can also work from any remote location as well. We have a team to also build custom homes at your preferred location. You must be aware of the zonal laws before you initiate the project. Our tiny homes on foundation are also available in various looks, colors, sizes and finishes. Assembling a tiny house in your yard or any other location does not take much time; two of our experts can finish it off in just 3 days.

Financing service for you

Are you still thinking about finances even after no burden of huge loans? Our homes are much low priced those regular properties that you build or take as rent. It’s always good to have a flexible financing aid because a tiny house could be your urgent requirement and we do not like our customers to stay without it. We evaluate and offer financing if you qualify for it. Nowhere would you get such flexible financing options.

Design Yours

BOSS Tiny House also offers periodic sale

Keep an eye on our website because we occasionally offer the Big Sale on all our tiny home models. A 10% off is what you can enjoy on all our tiny house kits. So, the sale is the apt time to invest in our tiny home solutions. Our tiny homes are pretty affordable prices starting from $6700. BOSS is reputed for offering affordable homes and we are the largest manufacturer of tiny home kits. We have a team of experts to customize tiny homes as per your choice. We also offer interior designing services including the electrical and plumbing systems. We have complete builds that measure 8.5 x 20 foot; these are ready to ship and all so affordable. We offer free shipping for big-size homes on trainers and we do not allow uploading with crane.

When you are desperately looking for a tiny home solution, have a consultation with the BOSS experts. You can choose to build a DIY tiny house or we build it onsite. Request us for a quote. 








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