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Sep 12, 2019

Teenagers go through various changes both mentally and physically and this can bring about an emotional change. They experience a change and this is why it’s good if you can give them a separate space spend some time. Teenagers usually love to make noise, listen to loud music and discuss secrets. This is the age when they least listen to parents so you can be sure that they will have their share of fun. Now you might not want so much of noise just next to your bedroom and more if there is an old person living with you. Building a tiny house in your yard is what you can build for your teen.

Design Yours

At BOSS, we design various types of kits and we have a lot of people visiting our office for ideas. So, we also meet parents who are looking for additional space just a little far from the apartment. So, building a tiny house for your teen is fast becoming a trend. We have consultation with people who are living within a budget; they have small homes with no basement also.

You can buy our kits and build a tiny house for your child and decorate it the way you want, it must match the mood and your teen must like the interiors. If you are not sure, we have an expert team to customize the tiny house interiors. We have ready kits available with insulation facility, plumbing and electrical systems. You can have glass partitions so that they space looks lively or you can simply have a master room with a nice corner, a private kitchen, bathroom, make sure there are cabinets and you can design a nice loft closer to nature. You can also design a modern games and entertainment space for them with board games, pool table and lot more. Install a big screen television and a music system so that there is enough opportunity to get entertained. Your teen could also be a bookworm in that case has a space with bookshelves and a nice reading corner. If your child takes interest in simple cooking, make sure you make the kitchen safe and secure, have a refrigerator with soft beverages and a small microwave for small pastry parties. The loft could be a nice sleeping area so make it comfortable; it’s a space where they would take a rest after chilling and playing games.

Juts a month ago we got a very passionate mom and dad as our client who wanted to gift a games room to their son on his fourteenth birthday. We designed a clutter free games room and suggested no heavy furnishings. You can place inside it an Xbox, small-size billiards, carrom board, ping-pong table or any other board game, indoor game that your child may love. To make the games room look neat, you can add more wall shelves, and this will give more room space. If you have a green space in front of the house, you can suggest the children to go out and play ball games under the sun.

Gifting your teenager with a tiny house could be a unique way to strengthen your bond with them. It makes them feel that you can read their minds and know exactly what they need. Apart from everything, adult monitoring is very essential that’s why use your yard so that you can keep an eye.

If you have similar requirements, get in touch with BOSS Tiny House. We are one of the biggest tiny house manufacturers, we are getting bigger everyday. If you have limited finances, talk to us for financing facilities.

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