BOSS gave wings to Daniella’s dream of becoming an entrepreneur by offering the new Shell Plus kit

May 14, 2020

Daniella has big dreams to be a successful entrepreneur; she shared her story and her requirements with the BOSS team. She was desperately looking for a space to start her venture, and she could not find one within her budget. Daniella broke down, thinking she could not make her dreams come true, but she saw the light at the end of the tunnel when she heard about BOSS. She browsed our website, checked the social media only to become more confident about what BOSS is offering. The client needed a tiny home solution. We suggested she build a new home office in her yard, assembling the Shell Plus kit.

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We enlightened Daniella about the various tiny home kits that we manufacture, but the Shell Plus is the most modern invention. Now with this kit, you can also build your accessory dwelling unit, a cabin, and a play space for kids. The

 Shell Plus is the most affordable, DIY transformable and easy to assemble tiny house kits. Now she could build this tiny house all by herself, and she could take the help of someone and finish the process in 3 days. We remember that she was very concerned about the budget as all aspiring entrepreneurs do. We assured and reassured her that we offer to finance, and she was eligible for it. Nothing could be better than this, so she immediately ordered a kit. BOSS offers financial aid to customers; we check the edibility, we follow a specific process, and once you qualify for the financing, you can immediately order a kit.

Now that she is so happy with her tiny house, the new home office, she feels this is the best thing that could happen at the right time; she thanked us by writing, “The BOSS team is amazing, the new Shell Plus is such an improved and modern kit. I am so happy with it and the quality is unparalleled. You helped me to become an entrepreneur.” We thank each of our clients for choosing BOSS; we love to hear such positive feedback from our clients. Those who are looking for modern and affordable tiny house kits for sale, choose BOSS Tiny House.

Daniella also shared her installation story with us; she called her friend to help and assembled the kit in just three days. She told us that she could not imagine it would happen so fast, and the installation is so simple. This kit is suitable for installing on foundation and trailers. It’s a built-on-site system, so in case if you cannot fix it yourself, you can always hire a contractor. The Shell Plus is available in two different sizes 8.5′ x 20′ and 8.5 ‘x 26’; the prices are $9995 and $12995, respectively. She chose the smaller one, that much space would be just enough for her and the other 2-3 people.

Daniella told us that she is very impressed with the features. The kits have vaulted, and the insulated roof is so convenient, the exterior walls are galvanized and ribbed, the inner walls are soft vinyl-coated and insulated. Also, the roof is made of steel and is snow load-tested, there is proper security because the windows are double-paned and the steel doors have deadbolt locks. The Shell Plus kits are more than perfect. It has already installed plumbing and electrical supply.

Choose BOSS in California for various DIY tiny house kits; we manufacture and supply best value kits.

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