Carrey the music composer enjoyed building a tiny studio using the BOSS Shell Plus kit

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Carrey has now got her own space for music and you want to know how he did all that? Carrey is a music composer and now he is trying to turn his avocation into a vocation, thus he needs a setup of his own.  He has a specific budget so he cannot afford a brick and mortar rented space. When he was desperately looking for a solution and he was morose thinking he couldn’t make his dream come true, a friend of his suggested a tiny house. He came to know of BOSS Tiny House and also the fact that we are the leaders in offering tiny house solutions. Now, he was willing to buy tiny house and turn it into a studio.  

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He booked an appointment with BOSS and we tried to offer him the most suitable suggestion via consultation.  We suggested that he invest in the Shell Plus kit and knowing that he had limited finances we agreed to offer him a financing solution. The Shell Plus kit is available in two sizes 8.5’x 20’ which costs $9995 and 8.5’x26’ which costs $12995. If you have lack sufficient finances, you can also be eligible for our financing options as well. Carry was happy with the first one, it was enough to set up a music studio. Apart from a studio, you can also build an office space, ADU, play space and cabins.

Carrey decided to build his own tiny house and was planning to buy tiny house shell. The Shell Plus kit can be installed by two people so he called upon his friend to help him out. It took only 3 days to complete the entire installation process. This is the easiest to install DIY transformable best value kit. The Shell Plus is ideal for tiny homes on trailer and foundation. Carrey built his home studio and it looked amazing but if you are not confident about building on your own, you can hire contractors to build it for you.

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His studio has a lot of space, with a dining, bathroom and optional loft, it is secure because the doors are made of steel and are installed with deadbolt locks, and the windows are double-paned and lockable. The ceiling is vaulted and spacious, good enough for 2-3 tall people to stand and walk about comfortably. The interior wall is soft-textured and vinyl coated, the exterior wall is made of galvanized steel thus adds to the security. Apart from all these our homes come with a 3 years limited warranty. BOSS designs the most affordable tiny house kits and Shell Plus is our exclusive product. Carrey was amazed to know that this Shell Plus kit comes with plumbing and electrical installed, this reduces half of your work and expenses of hiring a separate contractor.

BOSS operates throughout the US and is the leader in manufacturing innovative tiny House kits. The Shell Plus kit is customizable and it’s crafted using many innovative technologies. Please contact our sales team for more information, request us for a quote and we revert back within a day. Buy tiny house shell from BOSS and make your dreams come true.

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