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tiny homes on foundation

Want to be a part of the tiny house movement? Around the world, many thoughtful and socially conscious folks are advocating small living in tiny, but extremely livable homes. The movement is also a nod to a shift from consumer-driven lifestyles to ones that are thoughtful, financially prudent and eco-friendly. But wait…that doesn’t mean these homes are simply frugal without any consideration for design and comfort.

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Here are some gorgeous tiny home kits that aren’t just easy to set up; they’re strong and beautiful to look at too.

This modernist design kit is pre-engineered and then custom-configured on site — all in a matter of days. The DIY Tiny House KIt makes a perfect guest house, cabin or small home, and can transform any open space easily and innovatively.

As a perfect solution for those who prefer their tiny homes on the go, these prefabricated luxury homes offer you a living are, spacious bathroom and a loft space accessible by steps. This tiny home environmentally sustainable and can be hooked up to an existing grid or built off grid. Explore this tiny house plan to see the range of fine materials and elegant designs on offer. Keep in mind that the cost will reflect the size and the customizable features you choose.

Get Financed

One of the easier DIY tiny home kits, can quickly be assembled by two people in less than 4 days, with minimal tools. You can have it professionally installed as well.

Building your own tiny home can be a memorable experience, but it can be an arduous task as well. On top of the time some builds can take, getting the design and layout you want can be harder than you think in smaller spaces. With a focus on customizable features, attractive design, and comfort, these tiny house kits are perfect for those who want to embrace tiny living with style!

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