An aim towards sustainable living – affordable tiny houses

Mar 28, 2023

A tiny house is considered a lasting solution. It has brought a conscious living lifestyle that offers lasting benefits. Tiny homes cater to a greater community mainly because they involve less cost in all aspects compared to traditional homes. They are less expensive to build, low-maintenance offer mobility and have less carbon footprint. Tiny homes have come a long way and have achieved immense success in eradicating homelessness in the United States. 

The present scenario is witnessing low savings and higher personal debt. This is suffocating and many are trying to come out of such norms. A lifestyle transformation is an emergency. Many are dealing with housing insecurities and some are looking for additional space to launch their business. An affordable tiny house can be a feasible solution.

Are you tired of loans and mortgages? 

Do you want to avoid paying upfront but still own a tiny house? BOSS will always satisfy you because we know our customers’ importance. We build tiny spaces for you to utilize and make the most of them. BOSS is here to finance your tiny house purchase. You can be interested in a prefab tiny house or kits or buy a tiny house shell. We will help you with our lucrative plans so you can own a tiny home when needed. BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin to offer plenty of financing options. There are more than 300 lenders, the payment plans are flexible and the interest rates are as low as 3.99%. 


Modern tiny homes – easy-to-customize structures

A modern tiny house shell for sale is available at BOSS with electrical and plumbing facilities. We implement advanced technology to manufacture sustainable structures for cabins, home offices, play spaces for kids and accessory dwelling units. Our engineers build a solid structure using prefab technology. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of tiny house kits that are easy to assemble. We build shells and take you closer to your dream. We offer you the ready structure so that it is easier to customize. Tiny house shell kits are available in different designs, sizes and layouts. You might also be interested in ready prefab tiny homes that are complete and handed over to you. 

Sustainable tiny homes

 Going tiny can be a wise decision, so many are evaluating and reevaluating their requirement and trying to live more purposefully. Living tiny means more savings and enjoying freedom. BOSS offers an environmentally sustainable future to those embracing tiny homes. We use 35% recycled plastic while manufacturing our homes. BOSS has been offering tiny home solutions for more than 20 years. We manufacture tiny spaces at a mass scale using automated procedures. 

Wrapping up – get in touch with us

There is no need to worry about permits because we offer the BOSS Permit Package. Our tiny homes meet the California Building Codes and all International Building Codes. You can design your own tiny house with the best tiny house kits. Request a quote.








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