All you need to know about the ADU kits offered by BOSS

Sep 16, 2021

The adu kits offered by BOSS come in two sizes, one is 16’ x 40’ and another one is 24’ x 80’. This is the perfect solution for the ones who are dreaming of owning a spacious home. You can readily assemble the tiny house kits that come with a simple manual.

The adu kits are legally considered recreational tiny houses on a foundation or tiny houses on wheels. The company also offers home loans to the ones who are eligible after checking the documents within a day and initiates the completion of the purchasing process in a smooth manner. It is cost-saving and only requires two people to install the housing within 3 days time.

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What an ADU kit contains – ideal for accomodation

These house kits are specially designed for the customers with a spacious dining area, a kitchen, master room, a washroom along with an additional loft and utility space. Apart from this, it will help you to cut off your hefty expenses for creating an external extension in the existing property for accommodating your parents, and the unexpected arrival of guests. Tiny home kits can even be used for various purposes such as attending your office or working as an entrepreneur to start a review on business in a peaceful environment.

Built On-Site System

The BOSS has created an amazing solution for all its customers which will help them to think before purchasing and the type of housing they want to reside in. Built On-Site System is a special feature which is built on-site complete with diy kit providing step by step instructions that you will need to know and easily assemble the tiny houses within less interval of time.

Availability of choices in designing and upgrading features
The tiny house kits offered by the company consist of different choices in the designing, customization, and up-gradation facilities. Take into consideration that you want to set up a workstation in the tiny house so you would be required to customize the areas accordingly and set up the essentials accordingly. For instance, you would require proper light setups when you take calls or attend your meetings. Our experts at BOSS will help you to set up the workstation that will meet your requirements and offer you a positive experience during your work.

Steel structures panels with engineering ASTM certifications
BOSS is the leading manufacturer of housing and portable buildings in the US and now functioning on an international basis. The housing materials provided by the company are manufactured by themselves and are superior in quality such as the steel structure panels that come with engineering ASTM certifications for ensuring safety and security construction of the tiny house shells.

Final note

This blog will help you to know about the ADU kits offered by BOSS. The materials used by the company to provide safe and Secure customized housing solutions to each of their customers.

For more information, you can visit this website and drop your queries to get the perfect housing solutions before purchase.

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