Aleena Invested in the Shell Plus Kit to Build Her Own Dance Studio

Jan 09, 2020

BOSS is one of the most reputed tiny home builders in California.  If you have already invested in our all new, the very modern Shell Plus kit, you can install it on your own but if you are not very confident, you can always get in touch with our expert builders.

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Are you looking for some extra space and you still cannot manage one because you do not have a flexible budget? Why worry for renting an expensive space when you have the choice of building a tiny house? BOSS is one of the most reputed tiny house kits manufacturers in the U.S. We have an expert team to design various types of kits for our customers who have different requirements.

So, this time we had Aleena, a woman who shares an apartment wither her family. She is a dancer by profession and it’s her passion too, she is now looking forward to own her own dance school. She has her own practice, she has students coming to her, there is lot of music and all of these cannot happen in an apartment.

She tried to rent a space but since she is now starting the venture, Aleena does not have sufficient funds. Seeing her heartbroken because she could not plan her own dance studio, her friend suggested her to come to BOSS Tiny House. We are very well-known for offering budget solutions to clients who are looking for additional spaces. Aleena was amazed to see our range of kits and she shared with us that she was looking for a tiny house solution in the yard. We guided her rightly; we enlightened her about various kits including the new Shell Plus kit.

This kit is very impressive and she immediately took interest in having an extended discussion on it. The Shell Plus is a transformable DIY kit available in two dimensions – one measuring 8.5” x 20” and the other 8.5 x 26″. She chose the first one and she was so keen on building a tiny house for the first time. So, this time it was her own dance studio, she saw several videos and called upon her friend to install the new kit. The Shell Plus is very easy to install and comes with amazing features. You just need two people to assemble a BOSS kits and the rest is very easy. Once installed, she was impressed to find that the space she wanted was the space she got and it was enough to kick off her own dance studio.  Now she can take all those noise away and practice dancing at ease, without creating any sort of disturbance. Now Aleena became a tiny house builder, she recommended her friends to invest in BOSS kits and she also helped many of them to assemble tiny homes. The Shell Kit Plus comes with a complete electrical and plumbing facility and the roofing is already an insulated one. This kit comes with double-pane windows that are lockable and steel doors that have deadbolt locks.

Our kits are very affordable and the Shell Plus kit is shipped very carefully in wooden crates so that there is no damage. If you are inspired by Aleena’s project, chose to have a consultation with the BOSS experts. We are one of the most experienced and reputed tiny house builders; we have a team to build tiny homes onsite.

This kit has a 3 years warranty, invest now and it won’t fail to impress.

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