Affordable Tiny House: An Eccentric Idea of a Secondary Space

Feb 28, 2024

Have you been raging the internet over original ideas for an extra space? The ideas and opinions that pop up can be overwhelming. In short, it is too much information to process and conclude. Planning an additional space in the urban housing setting is quite challenging and will demand strategic planning, meeting the housing laws, and enough square feet. However, by adapting the tiny house kits, you can put your overthinking brain to rest and add some additional and functional space to your property.

The limited space in urban houses calls for extra space to meet the homeowners’ requirements. This additionally created space can be used for homeschooling the kids, remote working, starting a business, as an art studio, entertaining guests, nursing ailing parents, etc. The affordable tiny house kit is a prominent option as it is budget-friendly, easy to assemble, modular, and customizable.


How tiny homes are an eccentric idea?

For years, homeowners have relied on traditional construction methods to add extra space to their properties. However, this method is time-consuming, messy, expensive, and pollutes the environment. On the contrary, the tiny house structures came up as an answer to all that was burdensome with traditional construction. The affordable tiny house is a game changer, ensuring a quick and functional space expansion without any financial burden. Moreover, the compact design of these houses fits the required area effectively. Factors that make tiny houses different:

  • They are prefab structures designed, manufactured, and transported from a factory.
  • Easy to configure and install.
  • The use of high-quality materials makes them durable and long-lasting.

Since these tiny houses are a revolutionary step in the construction industry, they can be considered an original or eccentric idea for additional space. 

Where can you install a tiny house?

The best thing or the flexibility with tiny houses is that they can be installed on any flat terrain. The tiny houses come with foundation kits that allow them to be installed directly on asphalt, dirt, or grass after leveling. 

The first step before you buy affordable tiny house kits is to decide where you plan to install the structure. Accurate measurements are important to ensure that your structure fits the space. Since tiny house structures are customizable, you can ask your manufacturer for dimensions that fit your space and meet your requirements. 

Normally, homeowners install tiny houses in their backyards to make the most out of the abandoned space in their property. However, some people look for isolated places or somewhere between the natures to enjoy a solitary experience in their tiny houses.

What are the possibilities with the tiny houses?

Tiny houses are versatile structures that have endless possibilities. It is more than an isolated space that offers relaxation and allows you a me-time. The flexible design of these tiny houses makes them useful for different purposes. As the need for multi-functional spaces is constantly increasing, tiny house kits allow homeowners the liberty to design and utilize the space for a home office, homeschool, startup warehouse, etc. 

Where to buy tiny house kits?

BOSS is a renowned manufacturer of tiny houses in California. Its houses are made from commercial-grade materials that ensure weather protection and insulation. They are equipped with ADA-compliant doors and double-glazed windows, as well as pre-installed electrical and plumbing solutions. Moreover, when you buy affordable tiny house kits from BOSS, you receive a permit package and a 3-year manufacturer warranty. BOSS also offers financing solutions along with CustomFin, allowing flexible payment options at rates as low as 3.99%.








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