Advantages of opting for ADU kits for additional space in your property

Apr 09, 2024

An accessory dwelling unit is a tiny unit that is located on the same property premise. Accessory dwelling units are generally small extensions attached to the main property. ADU home kits are extremely popular as an affordable space solution. These days, cost cutting is on the rise so it is practically difficult to rent a new space every time you need a spacious interior. Planning to use the backyard space can be an excellent idea to expand within the budget.

An ADU unit is a secondary unit that is entirely independent and exists in three forms: detached units are separated from the primary residence. The attached units are fixed to the primary residence. The repurposed existing spaces are spaces within the primary residence that can be converted into a standalone living unit. ADUs are known by various names like in-law suites, granny flats, backyard cottages, secondary units and more.


Durability that stands the test of time

ADU home kits are manufactured from commercial-grade and FM-approved class 1 fire-resistant materials that ensure the structure’s safety and durability. Besides, the 5” steel roofs can withstand a snow load of 30 lbs/sqft and ensure weather protection and insulation. The durability and longevity of the structure make them the ideal choice for extra space, as they will survive even with minimal maintenance.

Savings on energy expenses:

The ADU kits are built with materials that ensure insulation and help reduce the structures’ energy consumption. Needless to say, ADU kits are more energy-efficient than traditionally built spaces, as insulated panels save significantly on utility costs.

Fast and simple construction saves time:

The ADU kits are delivered as kits, which are easy to install either with the help of an installer or by DIY enthusiasts. Moreover, since these home kits come pre-equipped with plumbing and electrical solutions, they eliminate the extra work needed.

Meets California building codes:

BOSS ADU kits meet California building codes and come with a permit package that accelerates the permission process and is convenient for homeowners. The permit package includes engineer-stamp structural drawings, a foundation plan, FM approval, and Title 24 energy certification that help with the approval process.

Available in easy payment solutions:

BOSS has joined hands with CustomFin to offer simple payment options for easy installments. Besides, the rates are as low as 3.99%, and you can choose from hundreds of different payment options that suit your requirements without having to handle the entire payment simultaneously.

Choose BOSS ADU kits: The gateway to endless possibilities

BOSS’s ADU house kit is customizable and designed for versatility. They are available in the size range of 256 to 576 sq ft and with the custom layout of a bedroom, kitchen/living, and bathroom. Besides, they use ADA-compliant doors for the convenience of mobility for people with disabilities and double-tempered glass windows for insulation. Place your order now and unleash the different possibilities.

Final words

Flexibility in housing makes sense for lifestyle, environmental and financial reasons. A lot of people purchase homes, start living inside but the actual requirement changes over time.  Invest in accessory dwelling units for space solutions within the budget.

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