ADU is the smartest choice when you plan to expand your family – An expense that is never too heavy on your pocket

May 18, 2021

Why do people build ADUs? You have a home that needs expansion and you have yard space. That is all you need to have before planning to build one. ADUs can help people unite and stay together. For instance, you could have your mother stay with you, which is indeed a blessing. There are localities in the USA that offer legal income by permitting them to give your ADU on rent. You can also live inside the ADU and rent out the main property. Once you have a dwelling unit, there is a lot of flexibility. An ADU is part of the same property. So, you cannot buy or sell it separately. 

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Do you wish to expand your family?

Small living spaces are a huge matter of concern in this gloomy real estate scenario. There are so many who cannot afford the soaring prices of lavish or spacious properties. It is very wise to make a sound decision while investing in property matters. The pandemic has taught us how to spend wisely and the importance of space. So many people were looking for a space to isolate themselves. Currently, tiny home kits are the smartest choice for people who wish to invest less and own a space of their own. 

Build an ADU yourself and save labor costs 

The popularity of brick and mortar properties does exist, but tiny homes are no less. Why pay a hefty rent when you have the liberty to build a space of your own. Building yourself or DIY means there are no additional expenses in hiring contractors. Tiny homes are extremely popular in the USA, and many homeowners know about building a tiny house. ADU is an old idea that was on the verge of fading out, but now it has emerged stronger. The structures have new names like in-law suites, granny flats, secondary dwelling units and laneway houses. 

Bigger spaces for you now

BOSS’s ADU kits are available in the form of shells which are structures easier to assemble. This is a DIY transformable kit and we are offering 3 years limited warranty on our kits. It takes 2 people to complete the assembling process in 3 days. Now bigger structures mean more space. BOSS ADU kits now measure 16×40’’ and 24×80’’ which is pretty spacious. 

These structures are available in the form of kits that you need to assemble yourself. You can call upon a companion to help out by following the simple instructions. BOSS supports the tiny house movement, and we promote DIY assembling. We want homeowners or those in need to add spaces to become proactive builders. Only then would you have the liberty to save money. 

The Tiny House Loan is of much use

How would you get over the financial crunch when you require an accessory dwelling unit the most? BOSS has introduced the BOSS Tiny House Loan. This financing aid gets approved in just a few minutes once we have checked the eligibility. We had an endless appreciation for this scheme because it helped most people own space when they needed it the most. 

Do you wish to install an ADU structure? 

Explore BOSS’s whole range of tiny house kits. The BOSS team is ready to offer a consultation. The kits are checked for quality and shipped in wooden crates to your location. You can go through the BOSS website for ideas and inspiration. Explore our range of modern kits or we customize according to your requirements—request for a quote.

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