ADU home kits: Benefits and Leverages explained!

Sep 07, 2023

The idea of housing has changed magnificently over the years, with contemporary homeowners focusing more on space management and better appliance implementation. While construction has become expensive over the years, and time is becoming more precious than anything else, modern homeowners are searching for an affordable and time-effective solution. ADU house kit ticks all the boxes and has emerged as the ideal rescue. 

ADU home kits are setting a new trend in home expansion. Manufactured and designed to meet the expectations of 21st-century homeowners, ADU kits come with a wide range of possibilities. The convenience, feasibility, and accessibility these kits add to your existing property is worth the investment. And with a close look at the benefits and leverages that these housing kits offer, it is needless to say that they are much more than the usual hype. This post will explore the benefits of adding an ADU kit to your property.


Enhanced Family time:

ADU kits make the ideal in-law suite to host your families for a get-together or vacation. Space constraints are a major issue in modern homes, and most times, it becomes difficult to welcome the extended family for quality time. But with an ADU kit installed on your property, you can accommodate your in-laws or host a party without worrying about space. These accessory dwelling units are prefabricated homes that help to expand the primary living space for more. 

Additional Earning opportunities:

Adding an ADU kit can be an excellent way out if you are looking for some additional income options. You can rent out the space to people looking for an affordable and convenient shelter and have a hassle-free earning opportunity. These prefab homes come with the standard bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/living layout. Moreover, they meet the International Building codes and thus are a safe housing solution. 

Multi-generational Living Space:

One of the key reasons behind the growing popularity of the ADU house kit is its uniform appeal to people of all ages. ADU kits are built for comfort and convenience and can be used to care for your ailing parents or provide privacy to your adult children. These housing units are designed for independence and privacy, where one can stay connected to the family while having their own space. 

Work-from-home Made Easy:

The post covid years have seen a significant rise in work-from-home opportunities. However, working individuals with children and pets to care for find it difficult to work with them around all the time. ADU kits can help with having a private working space while still playing the role of a caregiver. Install ADU kits on your property and opt for a dedicated working space with all facilities and convenience in the comfort of your home. 

Augments Property Value:

One of the monetary benefits of installing ADU kits is that it boosts property value. With ADU kits gaining popularity and becoming a convenient choice, including them in the existing properties increases the value impressively. As per the property market insiders, ADU kits can give a competitive edge to your property and earn lucrative deals. 

Sustainable and Eco-friendly Solution:

Lastly, ADU house kits are ideal if you plan to adopt an off-grid green living. ADU kits are sustainable options and can be designed to keep you off-grid. Moreover, they are made from recyclable materials, so they don’t overstuff the landfills with construction wastes. The ADU home kits are also durable and can last years without requiring replacements.

BOSS ADU kits: Making Your Dream Home Possible

BOSS designs affordable and customizable prefab homes for your convenience. BOSS ADU home kits are cost-effective as they offer factory-direct prices and ensure fast delivery to the site within 4 to 6 weeks.  Our home kits are lightweight but sturdy enough to encounter weather extremes. We offer a 3-year manufacturer warranty and a pre-approved permit package for your convenience.

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