Adam had a lot of fun turning into a tiny house builder for his DIY backyard studio

Dec 17, 2019

Adam Johnson is a 35-year-old bachelor who shares a measly 2BHK house with his parents. He is a musician by profession and likes to host parties with his musician friends that go on late in the night and often turns wild. Not to mention the noise when they all start jamming.

Until a year ago, Adam was living on his own, but certain personal circumstances forced him to move back to his parents’ house. But, after only a few weeks, he realized that he needed his own space. That’s when he reached out to BOSS, enquiring about our shell plus small trailer homes.

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Our shell plus on-wheels home is a transformable DIY kit and Adam was particularly happy because it comes in two dimensions – 8.5’ X 20’ and 8.5’ X 26’. He chose the latter and was excited to don a new hat of becoming a builder. He availed our easy-to-assemble shell kit to create a backyard studio that would double as his play space, living space and sometimes, studio. He just wanted to take the noise away from his main residence so his parents could have a good night’s sleep.

So, Adam began his journey as a builder after we sent him the shell kit. He already had a trailer ready to be used and so he did not need our contact for a trailer supplier. As soon as the shell kit was delivered to him, he started assembling the parts as per the instructions that we provided him. He made good use of the vaulted insulated high ceilings by installing rods and hanging flower pots and other items of decorations. He did not need a kitchen, and therefore, left a lot of space for his musician friends to come and hangout.

In the interiors, he installed on one side a small rack and kept an oven and a coffee-maker. Since there was enough space below the rack, he outfitted a mini freezer to serve chilled beverages. One end of the studio has a full-size bathroom complete with a small bathtub. There was add-on loft space that he decided to use in the future.

Our shell plus on-wheels homes already come with lockable double-pane windows and deadbolt locks steel door. So, he did not have to spend anything additional for the doors and windows. Also, our shell kit came with plumbing and electrical lines, and the roof that we use is insulated steel.

Even though Adam built the entire studio himself, our team was constantly guiding him from the preparation stage to the buildout stage. Whenever he found himself stuck, he connected with us and our team helped him out. With our shell plus on-wheels kit, Adam was able to set-up his backyard studio at an affordable price.

If you also want to embark on such a journey, check out our tiny house trailer for sale. Our shell kits come with a warranty of 3 years.

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