Accessory dwelling units – making compact living easier and affordable

Jul 07, 2023

Do you want to rent a bigger home but are not able to do it because of the higher rates? Use the space in the backyard and have an accessory dwelling unit. These units accommodate people of all ages. It is very convenient to have this type of structure as it reduces the cost yet solves the purpose. You can own your unit without having to pay hefty rents. Accessory dwelling units allow families to expand beyond their primary property. They also offer homes to empty nesters by giving an opportunity to move into a compact space. Housing requirements are rapidly changing, so tiny homes have now become an excellent option. An ADU can accommodate people of different income levels, household types, employment scenarios, and other circumstances. So, why not invest in an ADU house kit?

Why should you have an ADU?

Do you have family and guests visiting from out of town? Do not worry if your house cannot accommodate because you can always have an ADU for the same purpose. This offers enough privacy and a cozy space during their visit. BOSS makes ADUs at a reasonable price. BOSS will assist you in beginning your ideal ADU project right away. In California, it is our specialty to create stunning, bespoke tiny house units. Your backyard residence, in-law suite, guest house, or casita are all examples of ADUs. ADUs are low-cost housing options for senior members. ADUS are also known as in-law suites. These units make great spaces for old parents and grandparents when they wish to stay with you yet need a little space. This will help you to save on the living costs without having to rent a bigger home.


BOSS relies on sustainability

BOSS makes use of LGS-framed, insulated, and long-lasting steel panels. LGS is a sustainable material that does not produce any waste material. It is superior, lighter, and more durable. It provides the foundation with seismic stability and strength. BOSS structures use 35% recycled plastic in the production of our panels, and we have collaborated with well-known plastic manufacturers. The panels’ fire resistance is improved by using recycled plastic. This can reduce our carbon footprint because the panels have a higher insulation level. BOSS homes are environmentally friendly and use less energy.

Great resale value

Your property’s resale value can rise with an ADU structure. Most homeowners are ready to make an investment in ADU home kits. When compared to the advantages of owning an ADU, the amount invested in its establishment is insignificant.

Factory-direct pricing

BOSS delivers prefabricated ADU house kits directly to your location. Purchase ADU home kits from BOSS Tiny House and forget about space concerns. We are based in California and have been providing solutions for more than 20 years. Our prefabricated structures, kits, or shells are delivered to your site within 4 to 6 weeks. Get tiny homes with factory-direct pricing.

Final words – ADU is an advantage

Are you looking for the right solution for the lack of space inside your house? BOSS Tiny House could be the answer to your requirements. BOSS is the leader in manufacturing premium ADU house kits. BOSS Tiny House is a great investment opportunity. BOSS frameworks are transported straightforwardly to your site that saves time and cost. Please check our website, reviews, and portfolio to know more about BOSS Tiny House.

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