Accessory dwelling units – a saver in the expensive housing scenario

Mar 12, 2024

An extra dwelling unit is a plan to expand your property without spending a fortune. The modernization of building practices has prompted speedier setting up of these units as minimalistic living spaces without utilizing traditional building methods. You can have an arranged space by putting resources into tweaked ADU home kits.

The housing market has taken a sharp and escalating turn with modernization. The property market is expensive and people are tired of paying home loans. Let go of these worries and bindings by investing in tiny homes. What if you do not have enough space in your home? Use the empty space in the backyard to establish an accessory dwelling unit within the budget.


ADU serving as additional spaces within the budget

ADU is widely accepted and has helped many. It is a really good idea not to rent expensive homes and choose a sustainable solution. BOSS tiny spaces are available for those who are looking for space within the budget. ADU’s serve as excellent rental options. You can make additional income each month or seasonally from Airbnb rentals or giving away space to fresh graduates. Generally, ADUs serve as space for old people of the family and guests.

Durable and insulated steel panels

BOSS steel panels with LGS-framing that offers durability and insulation. LGS is a sustainable material which does not produce much waste material. It is lightweight, offers strength and has seismic stability. BOSS cares for the environment so we bring sustainable solutions at your doorstep. Our prefab homes and ADU home kits are energy-efficient and fire-resistant. BOSS has partnered with one of the leading global plastic manufacturers. We use almost 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture our top-notch panels. 

BOSS Tiny House – Largest manufacturer of tiny homes

BOSS has been manufacturing accessory dwelling units for over 20 years. We are the largest manufacturer of ADU home kits in the USA. We are consistent about offering quality prefab kits and structures as we have a full automated assembly line. We customize tiny homes, shells and kits. All our tiny houses meet the International and California Building Codes and other necessary certifications.

Get easy CustomFin financing

Now there is no need to worry about fund crunches or paying upfront. BOSS brings easy financing plans for our clients because we understand your requirement of owning a budget space. With our financing you will always have enough money to buy a prefab tiny house or ADU house kit. Avail our financing plans to escape heavy loans and mortgages. BOSS has collaborated with CustomFin to offer lucrative financing plans. You will have access to more than 300 lenders offering flexible payment plans. The interest rates are also low starting from 3.99%. 

Wrapping up 

BOSS is the leader in manufacturing premium quality ADUs, studios and backyard spaces. Our built-on-site systems are shipped directly saving the project cost and time.BOSS ships ADU house kits to your doorstep at factory-direct prices. Get in touch with our team for a discussion relating to tiny house requirements. Request a quote.








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