A Tiny House could be Your Home Office and a Beginning to a New Venture – Invest in Small Home Kits

Oct 03, 2019

Tiny homes have now gained immense popularity because people are looking for compact and affordable spaces. Regular spaces charge a hefty rent which is a burden and the recent economic scenario is not very sunny. Tiny homes like the name are smaller in size but ideal to serve your purpose. BOSS started operating recently and by now we have made a huge client base, more than what we expected. This shows the demand for tiny homes, a scope of owning your own space within the budget.

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Today we will share a story of a self-made man who started his small business right from a tiny house just 7-8 months back and now he has one big office with so many employees working for the organization. The time he came to us, he was extremely clueless and was running out of budget. The rents are very high so he could not afford a luxurious office space. The first thing we told him is to calm down and have a consultation with us. Yes, at BOSS we have experts and if you discuss with us, you are sure to get an impressive solution.

We decided to use the space in his yard and build a tiny house but then he also wanted a portable solution. This time we offered a tiny house on wheels and he relied on us. We are aware of the zonal laws, those you need to follow while building and owning a portable tiny house. Now as we knew that he has limited funds and he is spending a lot to establish his startup initially, we proposed him to build his own tiny house and he agreed. He once helped one of his friends a few months back to build a tiny house so he is aware of the building process to some extent. For learning more, he took the help of YouTube, looked at videos to master the art of using kits. He called a friend and build a tiny house on wheels using our small home kits. He was so happy to have owned a tiny house and now we wanted us to do the interior for him including the electrical and plumbing system. Since he preferred glass, we tried to use more of it and turned the interior into a professional space. We used cozy chairs, a couch to relax in between work, a kitchen with cabinets, a toilet space and a loft that leads to the garden. The client has a passion for greenery so we also added a few homely plants in the corners and kept some on glass racks. We used a glass door so that he can see the greens from there. The entire atmosphere is so very cool and relaxing.

He is absolutely impressed because this tiny house has wheels and he can carry it with him in any other location if he needs to visit for work. He could also wish to work from any remote location, thus a portable small space is ideal. He started from this tiny house and how he is running his own venture smoothly, he has a separate office now for his employees. This tiny house is where he prefers meeting his clients.

We are more than happy to see our clients satisfied with our small home kits and the way we build tiny homes for you onsite. All our kits are made affordable for you and since we are the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits, we have various types and styles. If you are planning to build a tiny house, decide how you are planning to use it, only then you can buy proper kits. Come to BOSS tiny House for tiny home solutions.

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