A Guide to Understanding the Pre-built Tiny House Shells

Apr 05, 2024

Over the last few decades, the housing industry has undergone a massive transformation where tiny house shell for sale are prioritized over traditional constructions. These pre-built houses’ practicality and affordability are unmatchable and offer the ideal solution for additional spaces. If reports are to be believed, the pre-built tiny house industry alone has witnessed a significant surge of 20% in the last few years. These engineering marvels have gained the popularity of the masses over their easy installation and superior structural integrity. 

Additionally, the innovative design and the customization options make the pre-built tiny house shells a go-to option to integrate extra space into the property. Moreover, its versatility and flexibility in terms of use motivate homeowners to choose them for various personal or commercial requirements. Through this post, we will try to understand all about these pre-built structures and their advantages, so let’s get going.


Decoding the pre-built houses

There is no doubt that pre-built houses are smarter and more cost-effective than constructing spaces traditionally. The factory-made structures are delivered as kits that are easy to install and do not take much time or effort to assemble. Besides, using commercial-grade materials ensures better insulation that helps maintain an energy-efficient space and saves on utility expenses. Besides, some manufacturers make it a point to use recycled materials while constructing the pre-built shells, which makes them a sustainable choice. 

Advantages of choosing pre-built houses over traditional constructions 

As mentioned earlier, pre-built houses have emerged as an ideal and reliable solution for homeowners looking for additional space in their properties. What makes these structures so popular is the over-the-top benefits. So, let’s learn more about it:

Commercial construction:

One of pre-built houses’ biggest advantages is their quality. Most trusted manufacturers use only commercial-grade materials and metal roofs to ensure the structure’s quality and durability. BOSS pre-built houses are made from 3” thick interlocking panels and 5” thick steel roofs, which can resist a snow load of 30 lbs/sqft. Besides, all the materials used are FM-approved class 1 fire resistant, which promises fire safety for the inhabitants. 

Legally sound:

If you have prior experience installing a tiny house, you must know the legal procedures and permission requirements. However, buying a tiny house shell from BOSS comes with a permit package that includes a foundation plan, an engineer-stamped drawing, an FM-approval certificate, and a Title 24 energy certification. The permit package makes the permission procedure seamless and faster. Moreover, BOSS tiny houses meet the California building codes.

Layout and other enhancements:

Sustainability and warranty:

Most leading manufacturers have considered the environmental aspect of constructing a tiny house. BOSS includes 35% recycled content as part of its environmental concern. Besides, incorporating insulated panels enhances the energy efficiency of these spaces. The BOSS tiny house shell for sale comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. 

Pay flexibly:

BOSS has introduced flexible payment options for the tiny house shells to make these structures more approachable and affordable. BOSS has tied with CustomFin and designed flexible payment plans available at rates as low as 3.99% and with 300+ lenders available. 

Wrapping Up

The pre-built structures are a testament to sustainable, flexible, affordable, and efficient options for additional space. Trust the BOSS pre-built tiny house shells for your property and experience greater functionality and efficiency. BOSS has revolutionized the construction industry by incorporating new-age technology and creating affordable and effective spaces. With premium quality materials and the integration of modern technologies, BOSS tiny house shells are the industry’s future. Get in touch for more information.








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