3 years with pre-built tiny house shells: Our experience and apprehension

Apr 26, 2024

We brought our first tiny house shell for sale from a reputed manufacturer three years back. The idea was to utilize our backyard space with some additional living areas. So, in lieu of opting for traditional construction, we chose to install a tiny house that is affordable and convenient. Setting apart our initial hesitation, we decided to go with these pre-built structures for their practicality and ease of installation. However, from then to now, our understanding and expectation from the same has been overwhelming. Through this blog, we would like to share our experience with a tiny house shell and why they are an ideal option for creating additional space.


Construction that matters:

To begin with, the first thing that makes the difference in pre-built tiny house shells is their commercial-grade construction, which prioritizes the safety and convenience of the dwellers. From using high-quality materials to ensuring fire safety and maintaining ADA standards, tiny house shells are ideal for modern spaces. A closer look at the construction exhibits the use of thick wall and roof panels that ensure better insulation and comfort. Pre-built tiny houses from BOSS are manufactured from weatherproof panels that offer better insulation. The walls are designed from 3” thick panels with Pcore B17 insulation, and the roofs are made from 5” steel panels that can endure a snow load of 30lbs/sqft. Besides, they also ensure that the panels are class-1 fire-resistant to keep the space safe from fire incidents. 

Layout and inclusions for convenience:

Another standout feature you get when you buy a tiny house shell is its open room layout, which allows you to design that space as per your requirements. Besides, the pre-built structures come with plumbing and electrical installations that make the installation more convenient and effortless. Moreover, the use of ADA-compliant doors makes the design more accessible for people with disabilities. The windows are made from double-glazed glass that offers enhanced insulation and weatherproof assurance. In addition, these structures come with cement board or plywood subfloor that can be further enhanced with vinyl flooring for functional and aesthetic purposes.

Meeting industry standards and codes:

The best thing about opting for pre-built houses is that they come with the required certification and a permit package for the convenience of the owners. The BOSS tiny house shell for sale meets the California building codes and is a sustainable option using 35% recycled content. The permit package further includes engineer-approved structural drawings, site and foundation plan, Title 24 energy certification, and FM-approval certification. These documents make the approval procedure easy, time-effective, and convenient. As an owner, you need to submit the documents to the relevant department of building and safety in your province to receive approval. With all the documents in place, the approval process won’t take more than 4 to 6 weeks.

Financing assistance and customization:

In addition to the mentioned benefits, most tiny house manufacturers offer customization options to design the pre-built tiny house shells to cater to your requirements. They can be personalized to fit your needs, such as the roof styles or the fenestration sizes. Furthermore, manufacturers like BOSS also provide financing assistance with easy payment options at low rates.

Final word

In short, our experience with the pre-built tiny houses has been nothing short of a wonder, and we keep referring friends and family about buying these structures. With three years of experience in a tiny house space, we have explored the space with multipurpose activities, and it has blended well with our requirements. We suggest opting for a BOSS tiny house shell for sale for your property. Apart from enhanced quality and efficiency, they come with a 3-year manufacturer warranty.








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