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May 30, 2019

Are you passionate about chasing your dreams, having a small little space that you longed for? You could be a designer, a writer, a hairdresser, a photographer or anything else but having a separate set up is a matter of the expense. If you have a vision of launching a startup or doing something big gradually, it’s essential to have your studio, a place that you can call your own. Renting is not always an option; you tend to shell out money on a space that is not your own. If you have a specific budget and wish to taste ownership, build a tiny house. BOSS tiny house designs and offers affordable and modern small house kits for sale. We have kits for different types of tiny homes, and we can offer the right kits needed to build a studio.

Design Yours

DIY or Built on site systems – on wheels or on foundation

If you feel all kits are created equal, it’s a misconception, and this is why we stress on customer and expert interaction. We help you to choose the right kind and size of the kit, just right for your purpose. You can decide to build a tiny house on wheels if you feel that a portable option would help you better. If you are passionate about working close to nature or have to travel to other locations with your set up, it is better to invest in a portable space. If you wish you can also build a tiny home on a foundation and turn it into your own space.

Going DIY is a good option because you can also save on the labor costs and assemble the way you want. However, if you are not a DIY person, you need not worry because BOSS stands for Built on-site systems. We are leaders in on-site tiny house building, and we have a team of experienced professionals who build it for you at any location that you prefer.

You can build a small cabin

Gradually as you wish to expand or if you need some extra space from where you can explore nature, its best to build your cabin using our small cabin kits. If you need a cabin, you can also attach a cabin to your existing property in the yard. We have new and affordable cabin kits to save you from the claws of extra expenses. All our kits are easy to install, and they are of premium quality, come with all the components, have easy instructions and are inexpensive.

Tiny house is minimal living

You can choose to build a tiny house on wheels or a tiny house on foundation but make sure you are aware of the zonal rules and regulations. Tiny houses are not only a means of accommodation, but you can also put it to various other uses. The tiny house movement celebrates success because it is a low-cost solution to many who were homeless.

Reach BOSS for consultation

At BOSS, we are the leading manufacturer of the tiny house in the world; therefore we encourage customers to build houses. You can ask a friend or a family member to help you, browse Google for ideas and have a consultation with us. It is all about building a minimalist space of your dreams within the budget. Visit our website for more information, request us for a quote.


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