You Can Build a Tiny House and Turn it into Your Very Own Office Space

Sep 30, 2019

Now, are you planning to have your own start-up and naturally you do not have the budget to rent an expensive office space? So would you kill your dreams or find out an alternative? You can always build your own tiny house, a small space that you can call your own. A tiny space is good enough to be an office, it can measure something around 8.5’ X 20’ and you can call over 2-3 clients for a nice meeting. Having your own small workspace initially is very essential; you need a separate and peaceful space to work.

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BOSS tiny house kits are now well accepted by budding entrepreneurs, the ones who are planning to expand their business yet taking baby steps due to the budget factor. Are you planning to build your own tiny house? If yes then kits are most essential. All you need is an all-inclusive matched with the type of tiny house you are planning to build and a set of easy instructions. BOSS kits are very easy to assemble and before you ask for a kit, it’s important to decide what type of tiny space you are planning to build and for what you are going use the tiny house. Yes, because all kits are not equal, we customize tiny house kits for each of our clients based on the requirements. If you have seen anyone building a tiny house then you already know how easy it is and if you need ideas, refer to the plenty of YouTube videos. Call up any of your friends and installing is easy if there are just two people. This way you can save on the labor costs simply by taking a DIY initiative.

It’s been a few months that we met a budding entrepreneur; we were really motivated by his purpose. He is a writer, he wanted to invest in a tiny house for sale because he wanted to write in solace and the most unique part was that he was writing a book of short stories for the children who are sick, bed-ridden, cannot walk but have time and willingness to read stories. So, it’s easy to understand that he was not doing this for his profit, neither for popularity but it’s a noble cause which has now given him enough popularity. We offered him kits and he set up his own home office, yes its an office because he is now into writing books like a professional but this cause is driven by passion. We designed his office not just a workspace but a space that would evoke creativity, a space where he can sip coffee and flaunt his thoughts and passion.

A tiny home is the finest solution mainly for business owners; it can help reduce the overhead and maintenance costs. BOSS designs modern and cost-effective tiny homes for personal workspaces.

Apart from this, we are a part of the tiny house movement offering living solutions to the homeless. We offer kits for building portable tiny homes and tiny homes on a foundation. A lot of startups are also taking an interest in our tiny house on wheels, this gives them the liberty to take the tiny structure with them while they visit places for work. You can also place your tiny house at your favorite location and work from there for a change.

If space and budget both are an issue for you and you are looking for a ‘tiny house near me’, it’s time you get in touch with BOSS to become a proud tiny house owner and give wings to your dreams. We offer onsite building and financial plans as well.

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