You can build a smart cabin using the BOSS Shell Plus kit – Get a custom quote in a few minutes

May 28, 2020

You can own a smart, robust cabin within your budget and build it yourself in the yard. BOSS has manufactured the most affordable DIY transformable Shell Plus kit. This is one of the most modern and advanced small house kits with plumbing and electrical installed. This kit is the easiest to assemble and has an on-site built system. We are the experts in designing tiny home kits for sale for various uses. 

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The Shell Plus comes in two sizes for you, 8.5x 20’’, which is for $9995 and the bigger one 8.5×26,” which is available for $12995. You can choose based on how big you want your cabin to be. Both have exciting features like:


  • Easy assembling in 3 days by 2 people
  • Creative living ideas
  • Insulated interior, spacious with a tall ceiling. 
  • The construction is made of steel, thus secure
  • Existing plumbing and electrical
  • Secure doors and windows
  • Mounted on foundation and trailer 

Do you think about the budget and a little worried that your savings would be all gone? At BOSS, we aim to offer small house kits to all those who need it. So, if you need to invest in the Shell Plus kit today, let us know and we shall offer you financing. Once you qualify for the BOSS tiny House Loan, you are just 5 minutes away from completing the process and approval. Clients do have a lot of queries, you can call us for assistance or fill up the financing form on our website and we shall respond. 

If you want more ideas about building your tiny cabin or an ADU, in-law suite, backyard studio, home office, play space, etc., refer to the ‘Inspiration’ page. Here you get design ideas; you can see the various types of exterior and interior the clients have. We give you options to design your own tiny house. You can choose to build a tiny house on a foundation or wheels using this Shell Plus kit, you can have the standard one or one with a loft. 

We are a team of experts supporting your goals and requirements. Being a part of the Tiny House movement, we are in favor of minimalism. This team has ample prior experience, knowledge and can implement the right technology in building tiny houses. We have a client base worth boasting of, so many satisfied clients, and we get so many new callers every day. You can stop thinking anymore and order Shell Plus to have your cabin up in the next three days. Safety is on our mind as well; the kits are shipped in wooden crates to prevent any damage while shipping. The Shell Plus kit has a three years warranty. 

Our kits are specially designed for DIY enthusiasts, for anyone who feels like assembling on their own. Choose BOSS for durable and customizable small house kits for sale because we believe in making the BOSS. We are the largest tiny house kits manufacturer in the world; our kits are within the budget. We are dedicated to designing the best value kits for the customers. Get a custom quote in 5-10 minutes.

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