You can build a Multi-functional tiny house measuring 8.5’X20’or more – BOSS offers affordable tiny house kits

Oct 09, 2019

BOSS lives and breathes tiny houses, and we know what it takes to create a successful small housing dwelling life. A couple of months back, we got a fascinating project on our hands – a task to help build a multi-functional tiny house. Our client was a young entrepreneur who decided to move back to her parents’ house, but wanted a separate space for herself. This is where our affordable tiny house kits helped her out. She did not want a DIY approach and engaged our team in setting up the place based on her specific instructions and preferences.

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As she was a budding entrepreneur, she not only wanted a tiny house to live independently on her parents’ backyard, but also wanted the tiny house to be divided into a separate office space from where she can conduct business. We designed her a flexible, multi-functional tiny house on wheels so that she can be portable. Our team incorporated green technologies like, SIPs and solar wall paneling because she is an ardent environmentalist.

The tiny house that we built is perfect as an inspiring, calm and beautiful workspace. The space is divided into her office area that leads to an open space with a view of the backyard, a small living/drawing room area where there are a sofa, a few chairs and an attached kitchen area with just the basics. We have kept the bathroom minimal with only the basics because she wanted more space to be dedicated to her office area.

Furthermore, we have divided the space into an upper section with a connecting ladder. The upper section is designed as the sleeping area where she retires for the night. It was a mattress bed and a couple of bean bags that give the space a very chilled out vibe.

Our designers have created raised platforms and designed plenty of shelves and cabinets throughout the tiny house so that she can have maximum storage space. These storage spaces can accommodate all of the ‘extras’ that usually come with an office.

The most fascinating part about this tiny house that we have created is that the entrance leads into the office area and her clients will not know that there is also a kitchenette and a sleeping area. The office space has a sophisticated appeal with a desk, cabinets and chairs. There is ample space for all her digital devices, fax machine and printer. As our tiny house comes equipped with electrical systems, we did not have to work much on setting up her Wi-Fi, router and other such connections.

So, if you also want a tiny house that will double up as your office and living space, reach out to BOSS. Check out our tiny house for sale and talk to our team to discuss your design aspirations and tiny house life needs. Regardless of whether you want a tiny house on a foundation or wheels, we have the right kit for you. You can set it up yourself or our team can help you with on-site installation and design.

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