Working From Home is the trend – Now be the BOSS inside the tiny house shell kit

Mar 25, 2021

Covid-19 has taught us that working from home (WFH) can still work out. Businesses have reopened, but many offices haven’t. The pandemic has everyone locked at home and many professionals find it safer to work from their own space. But with children and other family members around, it does get disturbing at times. Do you miss your quiet work environment? You can have that tiny space of your own, where you can “be the boss”. Get a tiny house shell and turn the space into your workstation. You can have that ideal environment for yourself and the best way would be to connect with BOSS Tiny House. At our store you would find a variety of tiny home kits

So, what is the tiny house shell kit?

Building a DIY tiny house is a simple process using BOSS tiny house kits. A lot of entrepreneurs have chosen tiny house shell kits initially to start off with their venture. A BOSS tiny house shell is spacious enough and comes in two sizes: 6’x 40′ and 24’x 80’. 

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Customize your needs

If you require a bigger space, get the 24’x 80’ sized affordable tiny house kits and work from your home at your pace. You can have other clients or employees visiting your home office. 4-5 people together can have a meeting inside. You can also customize the tiny home and create a haven of your very own – comfortable, serene, calm or lively, fun and entertaining – whatever your taste and preference might be. The DIY cabin would give you enough clamless to concentrate on your work. 

3-year warranty with pre-installed electrical and plumbing fittings

BOSS stands for ‘Built on Site System’ and provides you with an easy-to-assemble, DIY space that can be built within 3 days. The DIY kit requires only 2 people to assemble the tiny home kit. These homes come with a 3-year warranty and have pre installed electrical and plumbing fittings. The spacious 16’x 40′ affordable tiny house kits come in a variety of styles, colors, sizes and finishing. You can get them built at your preferred location either on wheels or on foundation. 

Safety and security

The best thing about the tiny house shell is that they are very secure and safe to live in. The steel panel structures come with ASTM engineering certification and ensure the sturdiness of the tiny home. The doors and windows have secure locks that offer complete safety. 

Avail the tiny house loan

We have good news for you! Now avail the Tiny House Loan and become an owner. The loan takes a few minutes to get approved post checking the eligibility. We ship the tiny house kits in wooden crates so that it reaches safely to your site. 

Want to discuss more about BOSS Tiny Homes? Then, get in touch with our professional contractors and start talking about your tiny home.

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