Working from home in 2020 seems easier when you build a home office for yourself

Dec 21, 2020

Working from home is now very popular and even more due to this global pandemic. 2020 is a year where people have chosen to work from home. But it comes with challenges. If you give up traveling to the office, it does not ensure smooth working unless you have a den for yourself. Working at peace requires an ambiance and a home is usually full of chaos because of kids, other members and pets. If you have a house and yard next to it, the BOSS has a solution for you. Use the yard space and build a tiny house for yourself. 

BOSS is the biggest manufacturer of tiny house kits in California. We have also helped many budding entrepreneur’s dreams come true. We manufacture affordable tiny house kits; we customize it according to your requirements. BOSS ranks on the top of search engines so that you can find our kits online. 

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Many clients connect with BOSS for tiny house kits; our solutions are for those looking for budget solutions. We offer the best value kits; BOSS designs quality kits under one roof. We have a huge number of satisfied clients; they are happy with the solutions we offer. Do you need a kit and do not have enough budget? We aim to provide tiny house solutions to all those who need it and make sure they have it on time. This is the reason why we have introduced the Tiny House Loan. This loan takes less than 5 minutes to get approved once we have ensured that you are eligible for it. So, this is an easy financing option we have for you. 

BOSS Shell Plus kit is amazing; it is our latest launch, a DIY transformable kit. This kit comes with a 3 years warranty and can be installed in 3 days by only 2 people. The Shell Plus kit is available in two different sizes, 8.5’’ x 20’’available at $9,995 and 8.5’’ x 26’’ for $12,995. This is one of the best among tiny house kits on wheels, but this kit is ideal for assembling a tiny space on the foundation. Also, it comes with plumbing and electrical systems pre-installed. Once assembled, you would see that the home office is good enough to accommodate 3-4 people. 

This is a modern kit manufactured by the BOSS experts, aiming to make life easier for you. BOSS encourages clients to build tiny spaces themselves. But if you feel that you do not have sufficient time to do it yourself, you can always hire local contractors to work for you. Contractors find it easy to work with BOSS Tiny kits. 

BOSS is well-known for offering the best tiny house kits; our kits ensure safety and quality. BOSS has an expert team to resolve your doubts and queries. We do the shipping on time; all kits are shipped in wooden crates, preventing damage. Proper transportation ensures that the kits are not damaged during the process. 

Call the BOSS experts, browse through our website, and request a quote.

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