Work from home spaces: Turning your studio tiny home into a home office

Jun 14, 2024

After the world had its most vulnerable exposure to the COVID-19 breakout, there have been some visible and substantial changes in how the world functions. One major and noticeable change has been the introduction of “work from home” opportunities. The most important preventive measures during that phase were to stay back at home and avoid human contact as much as possible to stop the virus from spreading. However, although the world is now safe from the virus, thanks to the vaccines and antidotes, the work-from-home culture stayed and flourished. Cut to the present time, most workplaces offer the opportunity of working from home. With this arrives the need for a designated working place that allows one to maintain professionalism while staying close to family. A studio house kit can be the ideal solution to develop a working space that meets the requirements of individuals.

Speaking of designated working space at home, it is a much-needed addition that individuals need to invest in to draw a line between their personal and professional lives. Adding an extra structure to the property and designing it as a home office allows one to work at peace and maintain professionalism while catering to personal stuff. In this blog, we have tried to help you with ways to design your studio tiny home to make for a functional and workable home office space. Check out what all to include for an efficient working space:


Choose an ergonomic chair and spacious desk

Needless to say, the most important pieces of furniture in an office space are a working table and chair. However, with longer working hours, most people complain of several physical challenges and orthopedic problems. Thus, it is essential to opt for an ergonomic chair that is designed to offer the required support for long working hours. Additionally, if you have the space, which means you are using the studio kit only as an office, you must go with a spacious desk that accommodates your working gadgets. You can also check out the multifunctional table options that are perfect for the small space in studio kits.

Set up your workspace close to the window

There is no replacement for natural light, and the way it supports our vision with comfort. Since you will be working in artificial lights post sunset, make it a point to utilize the natural light as much as possible. Setting up your working table beside a window in your studio tiny home will allow you to use natural daylight for a comfortable vision and also significantly reduce energy bills by avoiding artificial lights during the daytime. 

Declutter and organize the shelves and drawers

If you want to maintain an efficient working space, you must avoid cluttering up the space with files and documents stacked up everywhere. Take some time and maintain a clutter-free working shelf and drawer so that you don’t lose productive hours in finding the documents and required files. 

Get yourself a pair of noise-canceling headphones

Want to attend that important meeting without any distractions or disturbances? Do not let the flipping channels of the television set or the playing and shouting kids distract you. Shop for a noise-canceling headphone to make your meetings and interviews disturbance-free. Quality and branded headphones improve your concentration and make your working hours more productive and efficient. 

Final Thoughts

Implement the following ideas into your studio home to turn the space into an efficient working space. However, to begin with, you need to invest in a studio house kit that is commercially constructed and weatherproof. Check out the studio homes from BOSS that meet the California building code and come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty.








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