William built an in-law suite in his yard space for his mother with the BOSS Shell Plus kit

Jun 04, 2020

BOSS has helped many families to unite; we also feel that the aged people should get their family beside them when they need the most. This is the story of William, who wanted to bring back his mother after his father’s death. He realized that it was getting difficult for the older person to lead a life alone, so he was desperately looking for a solution. At times when he was planning to buy a new house, he realized that his budget was not permitted; the rents are so huge now that he could not afford to rent a spacious apartment. He was living in a compact home, which is not very big, but he had a yard space that could be used. His best friend suggested he build a tiny house, as William did not have any idea, he started researching the internet. While looking for companies that offer tiny house kits for sale in California, he found BOSS Tiny House. He booked a consultation with our team and shared his concerns. We suggested he build an in-law suite in the yard, which would be the most feasible solution. 

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William was overwhelmed to see our range of products, considering his requirements, we suggested the Shell Plus kit. It’s a DIY transformable kit that is very affordable, and we are also offering a three-year warranty on the product. William could easily install this kit in his yard, so he immediately agreed to invest. Realizing that he does not have sufficient funds, we offered him our financing option, the BOSS Tiny House Loan. Considering and verifying all essential documents, he qualified for the loan, and now William could take the kit come and pay us in instalments. We are offering this privilege to our customers, and this has helped so many to own a tiny house at the right time. 

William and his wife both took only three days to install the kit; they were amazed to discover the amount of space, the interior, the exterior, which is so ideal for living. This incredible tiny house shell kit is available in two different sizes: 8.5×20’’ available for $9995 and 8.5×26’’, which is available for $12995. Shell Plus has some fantastic features, which include: 

  • Steel construction is durable and insulated 
  • Very spacious interior ideal for living 
  • Can be installed in 3 days by two people
  • Suitable for building on trailer and foundation
  • Comes with electrical and plumbing

The interior of the Shell Plus kit is excellent; the ceiling is tall and vaulted, the roof is installed only after it has passed the snow-load test, it has pre-cut frames and walls for easy installation, the walls are coated with vinyl, the doors are made of steel and have deadbolt locks, the windows are double-paned and lockable. So, William and his family were pleased with the features and the security this kit offered. The interior is worth living; space can accommodate a full-size room, a dining area with a full-size kitchen, a bathroom, a built-in utility room, and a loft or storage space. 

We have got positive reviews from many clients for offering the best value kits. We could bring a smile on their face; we could unite a family. You can browse through our website to know more about tiny house shells for sale. The shipping is done in wooden crates to ensure that the kit reaches your doorstep in good conditions—request BOSS for a quote.

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