Why should you invest in tiny house shells? A relief from skyrocketing property prices

Jan 31, 2023

Tiny homes are in vogue mainly because traditional property prices are skyrocketing. People find it easier to invest in tiny homes and build savings to invest further in travel, etc. These structures have plenty of advantages, including ecological benefits. As climate change is becoming a threat, these homes use only approximately 7% of the energy of a conventional building. So, having your own space is no longer a challenge because minimalism is the new trend. Tiny homes are available in various styles, layouts, and customized sizes. There are ready prefab homes, pre-built tiny house shells and kits. 

Do you wish to do the interior your way? 

You can order a pre-built tiny house shell which is affordable compared to a complete prefab tiny house. The shells come with all the basic fittings, but you need to customize the interior heavily. Many people seem interested in tiny house living due to their passion for living off the grid. It means staying away from modern amenities. Living in a compact space and with few belongings helps to reduce waste. You might not live entirely off the grid, but it gives sustainability. Building a DIY tiny house is a hassle, so BOSS brings you a range of prebuilt structures. 


Features of BOSS’s tiny homes

BOSS’s pre-built tiny house shells are made from ASTM-certified, corrosion-resistant, galvanized steel. The homes are made with top-grade PIR insulation to offer a climate-controlled interior. The shells have a high-vaulted ceiling that is 9 to 10 feet tall. These tiny homes are built on all types of foundations. The tiny homes have walls with an 18 R-value, so they are energy-efficient. 

The CustomFin financing plan

Do you want to buy a tiny house shell? Small homes can cut utility and mortgage prices while catering to the homeowners’ requirements. BOSS brings the CustomFin financing service to the customers. BOSS has teamed with CustomFin for flexible payment plans. We connect you to over 300 lenders for easy financing plans. Our rates of interest are as low as 3.99%.

Our Permit packages

Do not worry about the permit package because BOSS does it for you. First, get the site plan and the local building codes from the Department of Building & Safety. You can purchase the permit package that includes:

  • The custom site and foundation plan
  • Engineer-stamped structural drawings
  • Title 24 Energy Certification
  • FM approval certification

Tiny house shell – a budget-friendly option

You can have a tiny house and use it as an ADU, a studio, a home office, a cabin, play space for kids or rent it out. Cost-cutting might not be a mandatory reason to have a tiny house. Investing in a tiny house shell is indeed a smart idea. Why should we invest a hefty amount in owning a space? A tiny house is a feasible option within the budget. The pre-built tiny house shells are transported to your site from our factory within 4 to 6 weeks. Please visit our live showroom in California to explore BOSS Tiny House. 

Final words

You can design your BOSS tiny house by visiting the BOSS configurator page. Our homes and shells are available at factory-direct prices. Request a quote.







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