Why should you invest in pre-built tiny house shells?

Apr 28, 2023

You can invest in a tiny house kit or order a prefab structure. Kits are extremely affordable, but a tiny house can cost a little more, but it is worth it. But if you are looking for an almost-ready structure within your budget, invest in a tiny house shell for sale. Shells are very useful because the structure is available, and you can customize the interior. The idea of minimalistic living is on the rise. Having a compact space can help you reduce expenses. People are interested in low-cost and eco-friendly living. So, it is expected that the demand shall keep growing for years. As per research, the global tiny house market is driven by escalating living expenses and higher interest rates of loans. 

BOSS tiny house shells

Shells are hollow structures with basic amenities like preinstalled plumbing and electrical systems. Our shell kits are available with an easy manual. The expert contractors find it easier to install the kits. BOSS stands for built-on-site systems; we are the biggest manufacturer of tiny houses in the USA. We have been manufacturing tiny homes for over 20 years. We offer customizable and affordable premium-quality studios, ADUs, and backyard spaces. 


BOSS uses ASTM-certified steel

We use premium ASTM-certified steel panels that are corrosion-resistant and have PIR insulation. BOSS uses galvanized metal during the manufacturing process. The roof is insulated and can endure 30 pounds of snow load. Our tiny homes have climate-controlled interiors and can resist fire hazards. The tiny homes are Title 24 Certified and energy-efficient. We use green technology that reduces the carbon footprint and production of excess waste.

BOSS has joined hands with CustomFin

Budget is the most important factor, and paying upfront is a pain for many. Owning a tiny house is easy, and we take care of it. Let no financial crisis stop you from owning a tiny house. We will help you with the fund, and you can thank us later. BOSS Tiny House has partnered with CustomFin for simple financing plans. You can choose from 300 lenders who offer home loans at low-interest rates starting from 3.99%. Our financing plans are designed to suit all your requirements. You can choose from various financial options for owning a tiny house shell for sale.

We are aiming at sustainability

We have joined hands with the leading plastic manufacturers in the global market. We use 35% plastic to manufacture our panels. BOSS tiny homes are delivered within 4 to 6 weeks. BOSS offers modern tiny homes on foundation or wheels. Our tiny homes meet International Building Codes. Our structures are shipped directly to your site at factory-direct prices. Please book a consultation to discuss a tiny house solution with our team. Get customized pre-built tiny house shells based on size, shape, and layout. 

Live off the grid with BOSS tiny homes

We implement a fully automated assembly line that ensures precision and quality—already planning to buy a tiny house shell? Design your own tiny house. Request a quote.








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