Why is the tiny house shell from BOSS better than stick-built homes?

Jun 27, 2022

When you start the home buying process, you will come across different styles and construction methods. There are sturdy block houses, DIY cabin kits, and stick-built tiny homes. The term stick-built is quite confusing as the houses are not made from actual sticks but concrete or brick. The term relates to how the home was constructed, not the materials used. Nevertheless, stick-built homes are getting replaced by a tiny house shells from BOSS in contemporary times. Although BOSS’s affordable tiny house kits look similar to stick-built houses, there are a few glaring differences. Here are a few reasons to purchase the tiny house kits for sale from BOSS rather than spend extra cash on the stick-built homes.


BOSS homes are cheaper and come with a loan facility 

Did you know that stick-built homes are expensive, and the installation takes days requiring skilled laborers and additional materials for the built? The stick-built installation is a slow and conventional process that’s laborious and highly time-consuming. On the other hand, the BOSS DIY cabin kits are easy to install, like Lego assembling, and require only 2 laborers to complete work within 3 days. The tiny house shell from BOSS are affordable and come with flexible payment plans. BOSS tiny houses are connected with CustomFin to offer home loans with interest rates as low as 3.99%. The mortgage facility and flexible payment schemes make the BOSS homes much more affordable than stick-built ones. Additionally, BOSS home kits’ quick and hassle-free installation makes the investment more worthy than other alternatives.

BOSS homes are more durable, strong and energy-efficient 

The tiny house kits for sale from BOSS offer good insulation and are energy-efficient. The BOSS home kits are durable with galvanized steel doors and roofs. The durable homes have PIR insulation. The 2″ walls meet Title 24 certification. BOSS homes are low-maintenance and have pre-painted waterproofing interior and exterior building structures. On the other hand, the stick-built tiny homes have 4″ walls that meet Title 24 certification. The stick-built homes have wooden structures prone to rotting, molding, and attracting moisture. The high-maintenance stick-built homes require painting and waterproofing to ensure durability and strength. BOSS tiny homes are a better alternative to stick-built housing.

BOSS homes come with a warranty and other benefits 

Affordable tiny house kits from BOSS come with a 5-year warranty and are ideal for backyard spaces, studios, and ADUs. The BOSS homes are FM-approved and have a Class 1 fire rating, making them more ideal than stick-built housing. The BOSS homes use 30% recycled materials for the build and have a low carbon footprint. On the other hand, the stick-built homes are not fire-resistant as the combustible materials are easily ignited. The stick-built homes have a high carbon footprint and require expert maintenance.

Final Words 

BOSS tiny homes are livable units at high volume and low costs. You can choose between One BED Kits, Space Kits, and Studio Kits. The ideal size of BOSS kits is standard but you can order them smaller or bigger depending on requirements. In addition, the improved and enhanced BOSS kits are now available in expanded sizes ranging from 70-800sqft and 7′, 10′, 14′, and 20′ widths.

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