Why fear the surging property prices? Have a tiny house shell

May 09, 2023

The prices of the housing and property market are booming worldwide. A survey says Americans generally spend above 50% of their income on property. Tiny homes have been effective in offering sustainable living. The housing market is expected to increase exponentially in the coming years. Tiny homes offer a minimalist lifestyle with many other advantages. Low cost is one of the most attractive factors due to low utility bills, less maintenance costs, and lesser carbon footprint. Now, tiny house kits are not only a savior for homelessness but a solution for those looking for a compact space. 

Customize your tiny home with BOSS shells

 Downsizing  tiny homes is the latest trend which is here to stay. Tiny homes are less expensive to manufacture, install and maintain. Shells can be very useful for those who desire to customize the interior but want a ready exterior. Shells are hollow structures available in the form of four walls, a ceiling, and some basic amenities like electrical fittings and plumbing. BOSS Tiny Homes are safe, fire-resistant, non-toxic, and energy-efficient. 

We use recycled plastic during manufacturing

 The BOSS tiny house shell kit is available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and other features. Our tiny structures are energy-efficient, and our homes produce almost 30% less CO2 yearly. We use green technology while manufacturing tiny structures. We have tied up with leading plastic manufacturers. We use 35% of recycled plastic to manufacture sustainable tiny houses. We manufacture solutions keeping in mind environmental factors. 


BOSS homes at factory-direct prices

 BOSS tiny homes are affordable and available at factory-direct prices. BOSS Tiny House ensures a Permit Package to make the tiny house installation process hassle-free. BOSS Tiny Homes meet the California Building Codes and all International Building Codes. You can design your own tiny house with a tiny house shell for sale. BOSS shell kits are delivered to your location within 4 to 6 weeks. We offer built-on-site systems, and an efficient team handles the installation procedure. 

BOSS has partnered with CustomFin

Are you planning to install a tiny house shell kit? BOSS has good financing plans for you. There is no need to pay upfront while owning a tiny house. We understand your requirements and ensure that money will always be good for owning a tiny house. BOSS has partnered with CustomFin to offer financing plans. Get rid of heavy down payments, high maintenance costs, and higher mortgages. Our financing plan will suit every budget. BOSS Tiny House offers low-interest rates that start from 3.99%. There are more than 300 money lenders that offer home loans. Financing is easy; you can do it by mentioning your credit score and the loan amount. 

Final words

Tiny Homes are the gateway to financial freedom. Invest in a tiny house for extra space, living off the grid, and it can also be a source of additional income. BOSS is the leader in manufacturing tiny house kits and prefab tiny houses. We are renowned for installing ADUs, studios, cabins, and backyard spaces. 

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