Why can tiny house shells accelerate the tiny space building process?

Sep 14, 2023

A pre-built tiny house shell is an unfinished tiny house. Shells usually include the roofs, walls and built upon a trailer. These structures are prefabricated, so the design is already set and there is a lot of room for flexibility. This is why it is possible to customize tiny home shells. The interior layout is entirely up to you. The renowned companies allow you to choose from various shell designs. You can install a pre-built tiny house shell on a foundation or on wheels. In case you wish to design the exact exterior based on your specifications, we will build a shell for you.


Customized shells designed as per your requirements

Pre-built tiny house shells come with electrical and plumbing facilities. BOSS tiny homes come with a 3-year warranty. We are one of the largest tiny house kits manufacturers in the USA for the last 20 years. Our pre-built tiny house shells and all other structures meet International Building Codes. A tiny house shell for sale is an option for those who are aiming to build their own tiny space. No one wishes to deal with the hassles of designing and assembling. Shells are inexpensive compared to constructing a home from scratch. The cost of labor, materials and permits are high during the construction of traditional homes. Tiny home shells are pre-constructed, pre-finished and pre-insulated customized according to the buyer’s requirements. Hence, tiny home shells are an affordable option. When you have the shell ready, you can do the interiors yourself and experience cost-saving. In the process, if you compare tiny home shells to a finished tiny house, the former is cost-effective.

Explore our permit package

Look at the BOSS Permits Package. It contains:

·        Engineer-stamped structural drawing

·        FM approval certification

·        Title 24 Energy certification

·        The custom site and foundation plan.

You need to finally submit the permit package to the Department of Building and Safety and get the approval within 4 to 6 weeks. 

The CustomFin financing

It is simple to own a tiny house shell for sale. You can choose financing if you are not ready to pay upfront. We understand your requirements for owning a tiny house even if the budget does not permit it. There is no upfront payment. We cater to your financing needs by partnering with CustomFin. We have more than 300 lenders and offer different financing plans. BOSS offers low interest rates that start from 3.99%.

Uniquely built tiny house shells

Prefab tiny house shells are synonymous with flexibility, affordability, and sustainability.  BOSS is one of the leading companies that manufacture tiny house kits, prefab shells, and complete structures. Our tiny homes are automated, built uniquely based on the shape, size, and layout. Buy a tiny shell at factory-direct pricing. We are a dedicated team that offers constant support and excellent service. Our team is enthusiastic about helping you find the right kind of tiny home shell for your requirements.

Final words

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