Why buy or rent a cabin when you can build one yourself?

May 28, 2021

We know how much you love owning a cabin for yourself. Cabin life is safe and interesting only if you can afford to build a sturdy cabin from the right kind of material. There are various uses of a cabin where some choose it as a space to unwind during the weekends, some as a space to work from a remote location and some for renting out. 

Choose a DIY cabin kit

But it is not always feasible to own a cabin as most are pretty expensive. But that will not keep you from owning a cabin because we have a DIY tiny cabin solution. The DIY concept is always a great option to save costs. Building a tiny cabin of your own is a pretty interesting task. Most take it’s a project, and you can avoid the cost of hiring a contractor. The tiny concept has been introduced for those who have a serious budget issue but still have the urge to erect a structure independently. So, after completing the installation process, most of the clients feel so rewarding. 

Design Yours

DIY and simple installation process

BOSS Tiny House in the USA has helped many live their dream by designing customized tiny house kits. We manufacture tiny house kits and DIY cabin kits for all kinds of requirements. The kits are simple to install and come with an easy installation guide for non-specialists. The kits are ready, and now we have shells that are even easier to assemble. In shells, everything is almost there, and you need to set it right. So, take a moment to order and have your small cabin ready. Build it on a foundation or choose a portable to take it to the mountains or by the lakeside or any preferred location. 

Build a tiny house on foundation or a portable one

You can buy affordable tiny house kits to build a cabin and a home office, tiny studio, ADU, indoor play space for kids, in-law-suite, and more. Cabins are now extremely popular, and the tiny house concept is such a bliss. It is paving a new path for budget customers and an eye-opener for many looking forward to sounding investment. Many people are not ready to spend excess on having space but save the investment for the future and other constructive uses. Why spend money on accommodation when you need to relocate temporarily for professional or any other purpose? Instead, invest in a tiny house-on trailer kit from BOSS and remain at ease. 

The BOSS Shell Plus kit

BOSS stands for built-on-site systems, and we have introduced the most modern Shell Plus kit. It’s a DIY transformable kit that 2 people can install in just 3 days. Our kits are hassle-free as it comes with pre-installed plumbing and electrical facilities. The two sizes are 16′ x 40′ and 24′ and 80,’ choose the one you prefer.

BOSS did it right during the pandemic

BOSS has witnessed a ‘never-seen-before space crisis during the Covid-19 where people needed compact spaces to isolate themselves. We tried our best to offer a solution. So, now we feel that you should use your yard space and have a tiny space for a purpose. There are so many who earn a stable income by renting out these spaces. 

Final words

Please visit the BOSS website for more information and ideas. Visit the ‘Inspiration’ section of the BOSS website for ideas—request for a quote.

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