What To Consider When Buying A Tiny House Kit

May 19, 2021

The tiny house movement has gathered significant steam over the last decade, with more and more individuals choosing to downsize and go frugal and minimalistic in their living lifestyle.  These three factors work hand in hand perfectly, and this is why the movement is growing more and more popular.

Helping to fuel these individuals’ desire to change their living space completely is the availability and increased options of tiny homes.  The most notable of which are the DIY tiny house kits, and the DIY cabin kits.  

Through the purchasing of one of these kits, the buyers can customize the home to fit their needs and their wants. They also have the advantage to cut costs down significantly if they are a DIYer or have some handyman experience. 

There is also the advantage that the buyer is offered a variety of models to choose from, along with layouts and any materials used. Some kits such as the BOSS tiny house kits are specifically designed for a simplified installation process for the end-user.  There are a few tips to keep in mind when considering purchasing any DIY tiny house kits or tiny home kits.

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Know What You Are Buying

There are a large variety of DIY tiny house kits and tiny home kits to choose from out there on the market today.  That is why you must make sure you read the descriptions closely to know just what you are and are not getting.  Some tiny house kits are sold as just a building shell.  Others may include the wiring, plumbing, and fixtures.  Make sure you have read everything so that your joy of building your tiny home will not end up in disappointment.  Make sure you have a complete list of the materials in the inventory before purchasing.

Know Your Codes

Make sure your local city and county codes allow for the construction of a tiny home.  If you choose to construct your tiny home on wheels, it will be considered a recreational vehicle in most places.  However, if you decide to go the route of putting your tiny home on a foundation, then it may fall under and be subject to building codes.

Go Green

Keep in mind that just because your new tiny house has a much smaller footprint doesn’t mean it is totally green.  When customizing tiny home kits, it is suggested that you look into designs for passive solar and water-efficient plumbing fixtures.  Another feature that goes hand in hand with going green that many do not consider is that of durability.  The longer your tiny home lasts, the less of an effect it will have on the environment in the long run.

When it comes to DIY tiny house kits, DIY cabin kits, and tiny home kits, BOSS is your best choice.  We take pride in our kits and our products and provide only the best materials in the business.  We want you to love your new tiny home, and with a BOSS home, we are sure you will.

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