What it is to build a cabin retreat by using an affordable DIY cabin shell kit – Live your dreams

Jun 04, 2021

If given a chance, who would not want to work remotely from the comfort of your home? You can enjoy this privilege in the best way if you have a cabin for yourself. This is what wooden cabin retreats are famous for. But the cost to own a complete wooden cabin can make a hole in your pocket. If you cannot afford a luxury cabin, build a compact one for yourself. 

You could be a cabin enthusiast having home-building skills. Then it would be easiest to create your little escape or solo remote workstation. You can build a cabin on a foundation in your yard or have one on wheels for transportation. When you build one for yourself, the cost is reduced. A lot of people enjoy life on the road without sacrificing the minimal comforts of home. A tiny cabin is easier to build and maintain. There is little space to clean and less chore while focusing more on hobbies, work, and relationships. 

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DIY helps you save money and get closer to your dreams

Why not build your own tiny cabin by investing in DIY cabin kits? Research the internet for some innovative designs, and you can talk to the BOSS Tiny House experts. The cabin house plans are modest and meek footprints. These are inexpensive to build and also easier to maintain. Our tiny house-on trailer kit allows you to build cabins on very convenient wheels. Do not look for space if you already have a yard to fix your cabin on a foundation. DIY cabins are a budget option as compared to buying a luxurious cabin or renting one. 

BOSS’s built-on-site kits – easy to assemble

BOSS is renowned for manufacturing modern tiny house kits in the USA. The DIY cabin kits are packed with simple instructions that make the assembling easy for a layperson. We do not recommend assembling the kit alone. Instead, call upon a friend or a colleague to help you out. So, when the 2 of you do it together, your cabin would be ready in just 3 days. BOSS and its clients found it very helpful during the pandemic when people required small spaces to isolate themselves. Our kits are affordable and shipped in secure wooden crates for utmost safety. 

The features of our cabin kit – enjoy freedom

Buy affordable tiny house kits to build a dream cabin for yourself or your loved one. We have reviews from clients who take this cabin to the mountains, into the woods, or by the lake. The exterior walls and ceiling are made from ASTM-certified steel; the interior walls are vinyl-coated, well-insulated. There are frames for faster installation, the doors and windows have a secure locking mechanism. The Shell Plus kit comes with pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems. The inside is spacious, so you can set up rooms according to how you like to segregate. 

Contact BOSS Tiny House for financing and a kit

Choose among the two sizes which are big enough for a cabin, 24’’x 80’’ and 16’’ x 40’’. For financing, apply for the Tiny House Loan, which could get approved in less than 5 minutes. Buy affordable Tiny House kits from the BOSS store; you can choose kits online and order for customization. Request for a quote today.

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