Welcoming the Tiny House Movement with DIY Cabin Kits

Jun 20, 2022

The tiny movement came as a culture shock to many, but the trend is here to stay. Downsizing for a minimalistic lifestyle is affordable, stable, enjoyable, and considered cool. The DIY cabin kits from BOSS are preferred rather than any other alternative like stick-built tiny homes. Blending the power of manufacturing with the onsite construction, the tiny house on trailer kit or those built on a foundation are highly customizable and durable. Buy affordable tiny house kits for durability, cost-effectiveness, ease and speed of assembling, etc. Here are a few reasons why BOSS tiny houses are better than other traditional stick-built homes.


Size matters 

Ideally, you will find the DIY cabin kits in 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′ sizes, but you can go larger or smaller depending on the goal for tiny living. In 2022, you can now get expanded sizes ranging from 70-800sqft and 7′, 10′, 14′, and 20′ widths. The 2022 range is improved with several enhancements to upgrade the home design with white panels and gray roofing and foundation. BOSS tiny homes have even upgraded the electrical and plumbing system to integrate inside the space to allow flexibility in design fully. On the other hand, the stick-built homes get manufactured on the site right from scratch. The size and customization depend on regular updates and specifications as and when they come along. You cannot predefine stick-built homes as the manufacturing and installation process is completely different from those of BOSS tiny homes. 

Quick installation is a USP 

Tiny house on trailer kit or those built over a foundation offers quick, affordable, and hassle-free installation. The BOSS homes arrive within 4 weeks, and the installation is a quick DIY job requiring only 2 laborers, and the process gets completed within 3 days. BOSS home installation is a quick Lego-like assembling that requires minimal effort and no skilled labor. The DIY installation kit has a user-friendly manual to help in the step-by-step process. On the other hand, the traditional stick-built tiny homes offer laborious installation taking days, and the expenses shoot up. The stick-built homes are expensive, and the installation laborious and time-consuming. If you want affordable tiny living, choose BOSS homes with a 5-year warranty.

Durable, energy-efficient, and fire-resistant homes 

Buy affordable tiny house kits for durability, energy efficiency, and fire-resistance qualities. BOSS tiny homes have steel roofs and walls and are CA-certified and FM-approved. The tiny homes offer exceptional PIR insulation and are energy efficient. The 2″ walls meet and exceed Title 24 certification and are resistant to fire with a Class 1 resistance. The low-maintenance homes have pre-painted waterproofing done and are ideal for a minimalistic lifestyle for the long haul. On the other end, the stick-built tiny homes have wooden structures prone to molding, rotting, degrading, and the combustible materials are not fire-resistant. In addition, the stick-built homes have poor energy efficiency with 4″ walls that barely meet Title 24 certification. Finally, the stick-built homes are high maintenance with a high carbon footprint, while BOSS tiny houses use 30% recycled materials and have a low carbon footprint.

Easy loan approval 

Want a loan to buy tiny homes? BOSS is attached with CustomFin to offer you various financial solutions. In addition, over 300 moneylenders are on-board to offer you flexible payment plans.

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