Tips for the first-time tiny home buyers – Know what works and what to avoid

Oct 12, 2022

Tiny homes have a huge fan following. The 21st century has seen a rise in DIY tiny house kits because they are affordable and easy to build. The tiny house kits on wheels are great for the nomadic lifestyle, but the homes built over a foundation are equally in demand. The best tiny house kits are easy to maintain and last longer. Although many may claim that stick-built structures are better, it’s not completely true. The tiny homes have created upheaval for all the right reasons and are here to stay for the long haul. If you are a first-time buyer and feeling lost, this write-up will enlighten you in making the right choice. 

Look for durability and warranty 

The high-quality DIY tiny house kits made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel are non-corrosive and do not rot, attract termites or absorb moisture. The waterproof prefab building structures are highly durable and come with a 3-year warranty. The tiny prefab structures don’t break easily and can sustain heavy blows or high impacts without suffering any damage. On the other end, the traditional favorite is the wooden stick-built homes. These wooden prefab structures start absorbing moisture, molds, and rots and are highly susceptible to fire outbreaks. While tiny homes are FM-approved and can sustain fire accidents with Class 1 fire-rated resistivity, the wooden stick-built houses are highly combustible.


Moreover, the stick-built houses attract mildew, termites, and bows easily, making maintenance expensive. You need professional assistance for the upkeep of stick-built buildings, but regular cleaning is enough for tiny houses to ensure longevity and aesthetics. Lastly, while the tiny home structures are waterproof and come painted in different choice-able colors, the stick-built houses need waterproofing and painting additionally. 

Choose energy-efficient buildings 

Energy-efficient buildings will help you save on utility bills in the long run. The best tiny house kits are highly energy efficient and offer PIR home-grade insulation. The 2” walls of the tiny structures meet and exceed Title 24 certification ensuring excellent energy efficiency. On the other hand, stick-built buildings with wooden structures are poorly insulated, and the energy efficiency is low. Inside the stick-built houses, you tend to consume more energy to keep the indoor space at a specific temperature. In addition, the wooden buildings with 4” walls barely reach the Title 24 certificate parameters. Choosing BOSS Tiny House over stick-built buildings is an energy-efficient choice. 

Easy-breezy installation 

Installing the tiny house kits on wheels is a DIY job. You need 2 people to install the trailer or foundation kit within 3 days. The installation of the tiny home is hassle-free and economical, and no extra materials are needed. However, such isn’t the case with stick-built buildings where slow and conventional installation is the norm. You need more labor, time, and resources to install the stick-built homes. The high-end BOSS Tiny House isn’t tiny as they come in standard or customizable sizes and can also get customized into smaller or larger units. Thus, it can be concluded that while stick-built installation is expensive, BOSS homes are larger and come at minimal costs. 

Final words

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