Tiny house shell – The ideal choice for the 1st time tiny home buyers

Nov 11, 2022

The tiny house shell is a small space where a professional builder builds the exterior layers while the interior design gets customized. The shell usually costs much less than a finished tiny house. The tiny home shell is prefabricated, and the design has already been decided, providing room for flexibility and customization. The greatest benefit of purchasing a tiny house for sale from BOSS Tiny House is that you get to ‘design your own home,’ and the layout largely depends on your preferences and needs. Tiny house shells are an excellent choice for first-time home buyers as you can design your space creatively with expert assistance and build a solid structure that lasts for years.

BOSS homes – Strong, durable, and more 

The high-quality tiny house shell made from galvanized ASTM-certified steel is durable, strong, and designed to last for years. The structures do not rot, rust, attract termites, and resist mildew, mold, and bacteria. The tiny home shell from BOSS is available with a 3-year warranty and is a low-maintenance structure that doesn’t require constant repairing, repainting, or waterproofing for general upkeep. BOSS Tiny House structures have pre-painted waterproof exteriors and interiors. The shells are strong and can sustain a snow load of 30 pounds sq ft. BOSS Tiny House provides high-quality tiny homes built in a factory and arranged on-site with the help of huge cranes.


Insulation, energy efficiency, and safety 

The tiny house shell for sale comes with excellent PIR insulation, double-tempered glass, and fitted doors. These features ensure the highest level of comfort inside the tiny house. The tiny shell comes in customized sizes, layouts, designs, and finishing. The structures are durable and engineered to last as the buildings meet International Building Codes and adhere to Title 24 Certification. The tiny homes are fire-resistant and FM-approved. Every BOSS product meets fireproof standards and is earthquake-resistant. The tiny house shells are made from recyclable structures and are an eco-friendly choice. The customized shells are quality-assured and tested before getting shipped. The manufacturing of BOSS Tiny House structures usually come with preinstalled electrical and plumbing systems. 

CustomFin financial payment plans 

Many potential tiny home buyers are skeptical about paying for the tiny structure upfront. The tiny homes are affordable, but a certain amount of money is still necessary for the purchase. If you are looking for financing for the tiny house shell, then BOSS has teamed up with CustomFin to offer flexible payment plans. Over 300+ moneylenders are willing to offer customers flexible payment plans with interest rates as low as 3.99%. 

Permit package 

Building or buying a tiny home shell is ideal only if you have the permit package approved by the Department of Building and Safety. BOSS Tiny House provides a site plan adhering to local laws and regulations. The BOSS permit package has engineered stamped drawings with a customized site and foundation plan. The FM approval and Title 24 Certifications are also included in the permit package. Once you submit the BOSS Permit Package with the site plan to the Department of Building and Safety, the permit and other approvals usually reach you within 4 to 6 weeks, depending on your municipality. 

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