Tiny House Play Space For The Working Adult To Unwind And Relax

Mar 23, 2020

Do not allow work pressure to get over you. Create a relaxation space for yourself where you can rejuvenate and forget about the stresses of the day. At BOSS, we provide tiny house shells for sale that can help you build a play space within 3 days or maximum 4, if you like to take the building process slow.

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Yes even adults can have their kind of play space, a corner to enjoy some entertainment, unwind and relax. The play space can be a man or woman cave, or if you are married, it can be you and your spouse’s hideout where you will be away from the kids and all the pressures of life. If you have been feeling a bit of lost love with your spouse, a DIY play space building project might be just the thing you two need to reconnect and have fun.

BOSS shell plus kit is delivered in a wooden crate. When you open the crate, you will find that the panels and frames are already pre-cut. We have done this for you so that installing and assembling the parts together will not be a problem. You can think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle and it is so much fun doing it alone or with someone.

The shell plus kits come with pre-cut frames, the exterior and interior walls, ceiling and panels of our shell plus product is insulated. So, building an environment-friendly relaxation space is possible and it is also possible to save on your energy bills. With our shell plus kit, your play space will have a comfortable temperature and there’s no need to spend extra on installing heating or cooling systems.

As for the doors and windows, our kit comes with lockable windows and doors so that you are safe inside. You can also build your play space on the foundation in your backyard or on wheels by using a new or used trailer.  Last, but not the least, our kit comes with plumbing and electrical packages. You just have to tell us where your supply line will be placed and we will personalize the kit for you.

To put it simply, our shell plus kit will give you the structure that you need to create a play space within 3 days if two people are installing it. Once you have got all the parts together and built the play space, the next step is to decorate the space. You can decorate it your way and include a small dinette area, a small kitchen and a functional bathroom. If you plan to sleep over sometimes, you can even roll in a bed, but remember it will take up space. We would suggest a sofa-cum-bed if you are not planning to use the play space as a living area, but just somewhere to chill. Make sure to leave space to bring in your foosball table, PlayStation, a big wall-mounted TV to watch games and a mini-fridge filled with cold beverages.

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If you are looking to build a spacious play space, we would suggest that you get our 8.5’x26’ shell plus kit. However, if there is not enough space in your backyard, you can opt for our 8.5’x20’ shell plus kit, this one is slightly smaller.

At BOSS, we not just provide tiny house shell kit, but also creative design ideas. So, do not hesitate to reach out and discuss your play space project. Request us for a quote.







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