Tiny House on Wheels or on Foundation – The Choice is Yours

May 16, 2019

A lot of people go homeless in the United States, when the world has progressed so much, this issue has remained the same. Everyone has the right to live in a property, a home of any size but many are deprived. Tiny houses are a big solution to this homelessness, helping people to have their own homes. Such people can always plan to build a tiny house and enjoy having a home of own. Apart from this, tiny homes are for people who cannot bear the burden of mortgages and loans.

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Do you wish to set up a tiny house but unable to decide the type?

Do you wish to set up a tiny house but unable to decide whether it would be a tiny house on wheels or on foundation? It depends on various factors and here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • How do you want to use your tiny house? Would you use it for living, make it a studio; will it be your primary house, home office or an in-law suite?
  • You also need to abide by the law and decide what kind of foundation does the zonal law allows? What are your local building codes and what foundation does it support?
  • Are you going to build the tiny house on rented or owned land? If you own the land, are you willing to have provision for removing the tiny house when you sell off the land?

There are other considerations like soil conditions, budget, weather conditions and these are the myriad of factors. To discuss more about the type you can have, discuss with BOSS tiny house experts, we have builders and consultants who can render the best advice.

Building a tiny house on wheels – the pros and cons

Mobility is the biggest advantage of building a tiny house on wheels; it’s so easy to relocate. But the law does not permit you to build a tiny house on wheels, check thoroughly with the building codes. Many a time, the jurisdiction considers a tiny house on wheels as a recreational vehicle. For instance, if you have provision of building a tiny house on wheels far off by the lake, go get it done and you can enjoy living in the lap of nature

A house on foundation – pros and cons

Tiny house on foundation comes in different forms, concrete footings, concrete slabs or wood pilings. You can lot of design flexibility and foundations are available in different sizes and shapes. Most homes on foundation are approved by the law for residential use. These structures can withstand natural calamities and stands the test of time. But the biggest disadvantage is that you can never relocate with your property. Incase you feel like living in the countryside, you have to rent a property there but cannot carry the tiny house with you. Generally, homes on foundations are more on the expensive side and sometimes you might have to buy the land.


BOSS is here to offer you a wide range of tiny house kits, you can device the type of house you prefer to have and the use of it, accordingly you can buy kits. If you desire to have additional space, you can buy small cabin kits and build a log cabin. Using our kits, it’s easy to set up a tiny house or if you want us to build on-site, we can do it for you.  Trust BOSS for all your tiny house requirements.

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