Tiny house on trailer kit with optional ad-on loft/ storage space

Oct 20, 2021

Have you checked our latest addition to our affordable tiny house kits? If you still have not then read below to know more about it.

You can buy Affordable Tiny House kits with pre-installed electrical and plumbing facilities. However, we forget about checking whether the house contains any lofts or storage spaces. Since the tiny house on a trailer kit may encounter movement during the journeys, it is important to store everything properly so that it does not get damaged.

Considering your thoughts our experts came up with the idea of providing you with optional ad-on loft/ storage spaces for your convenience. You can now organize all your kitchen essentials or the expensive wall decors safely in the storage with the display.

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Advantages of having ad-on loft/ storage space

Having an ad-on loft/ storage space will help you to organize all your kinds of stuff in the storage and make the rooms look more spacious. This will allow you to keep your house clean and tidy in order to maintain hygiene for healthy living. For instance, adding ad-on lofts and customizing the same for making extra beds fit another visitor in your tiny house will be easier. You can also make separate rooms for your kids within a single tiny house. The storage space will further help you keep the house look brighter rather than clumsy or any shortages of space.

Energy-efficient houses

The other features of these types of houses facilitate effective insulation. Manufacturing of the houses are done with an insulated steel roof with a snow load tested of 3 lbs/sq ft. The ceilings installed are high vaulted which enhances the insulation produced in the rooms. Along with the installation of the walls and floor are done using durable ribbed galvanized for maintaining a suitable temperature. Provided the appliances installed are energy efficient which cut down the heavy expenses and help in downsize living experiences.

Separate kitchen and bathroom

Imagine living without any bathroom when you invest in your living. The previous concept of living in tiny houses is now enhanced in the tiny house on trailer kit due to the presence of a separate kitchen and attached bathroom with the bedroom provided. You just need to buy Affordable Tiny House kits or the diy cabin kits and customize the houses for expanding your storage areas. 

The building of storage in the tiny houses can be customized to make cabinets cubbies or doors in order to effectively utilize the space. Many other ideas for storage include building multipurpose sofa boxes. This furniture can be used for relaxing and even storing materials. 

Summing up

Still, wondering? Build your own tiny houses with the diy cabin kits. These kits are energy-efficient which will help you in cutting down the heavy expenses generated on the electricity bills. High vaulted ceilings will further provide scope for placing double bunk beds for accommodating more than one or two individuals.

Call us now at 310-370-3352 and get in touch with our experts at BOSS Tiny House. You can visit our website at to see the other available tiny house kits to meet the requirements of your projects. 

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