Tiny house on trailer kit – A buyer’s guide

Jan 20, 2022

Did you know 37% of Americans would prefer to get a smaller house and downsize their living? Having a larger space does help, but a clutter-free environment is also essential. Millennials prefer to get the tiny house on trailer kit to make living affordable and traveling easier. The young Americans are no longer interested in suburban housing plans, but are looking for a sustainable life in DIY cabin kits that are affordable and combat. Buy affordable tiny house kits at BOSS to make downsized living a luxury. Not all tiny homes are similar to one another. You can customize the tiny homes as per your specifications. Here is the buyer’s guide for tiny homes that would enable you to make the perfect purchase.

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Pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems and other features

The tiny house on trailer kit is lightweight and durable. Made with ASTM-certified steel doors and roofs, the tiny homes have a secure locking system on the doors and windows to ensure optimal safety. The vinyl cladding offers heat insulation, while the galvanized ribbed steel panels at the exterior surface provide good security. The homes have pre-installed electrical and plumbing systems for optimal comfort during travels and for staying over for a long time. In addition, the homes are resistant to fire, heat, and wind to provide protection against harsh weather conditions.

A three-year warranty is impressive enough 

You can now buy affordable tiny house kits with a 3-year warranty. The tiny homes are durable, strong, and extremely weatherproof. The homes come in sizes of 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ and are spacious enough. However, if you want a smaller or bigger unit, ask for customization. The experts at BOSS can customize the tiny homes to get you a different and unique layout, size, shape, color, and design. Customized tiny houses are special for their exclusive charm and are functional too.

Easy to install 

Buyers looking for DIY cabin kits need to know that installing and assembling are super easy. The lightweight structures take three days to assemble with the help of two people. The DIY kits have a user-friendly installation guide to make things simpler. The cabin kits are spacious enough to accommodate two people. However, the bigger units can accommodate at least five humans living comfortably.

Home-loan at BOSS 

Are you facing the financial crunch because of the pandemic, then downsize your living and get the tiny home now. The tiny homes are indeed an affordable choice, but things get easier with the home loan scheme at BOSS. You can get the loan sanctioned within minutes by clearing the eligibility criteria. Once the paperwork has been done, the loan gets sanctioned, and you can freely choose the tiny home of your choice- customized and affordable beyond your dreams.

Wrapping up 

Of all the tiny home builders, BOSS stands tall and above all others because of the brilliant customization and fastest loan approval. We also offer a free consultation to all our potential clients and answer all related queries related to tiny homes. We make your dream of a downsized lifestyle come true without compromising aesthetics, functionality, and luxury. Request a free quote now.

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