Tiny house kits on wheels – When remote working is no longer boring!

Feb 14, 2022

We are quite familiar with the rise of the tiny home market for a few years. With the pandemic spreading its web last year, many people have shifted to working remotely. This has led to a huge demand for tiny homes that has risen in leaps and bounds. Working remotely definitely has its fair set of advantages. Having your personal space makes things easier to stay productive, eliminate distractions, and remain focused. If you seek your own space to boost productivity, maintain discipline, and find a work-life balance, get the tiny house kits on wheels or homes built on a foundation from BOSS. Our affordable tiny house kits are durable, custom-made, and a functional choice for downsized living. 

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Our best tiny house kits can turn into your ideal workstation away from the city crowd and the noisy ambiance. Here are a few reasons why tiny homes make the finest workstations for virtual employees. 

Insulated structures for a comfortable indoor space

When it comes to creating a comfortable environment, proper insulation is one of the vital factors. BOSS manufactures tiny home kits on wheels with insulated steel walls and roof panels that are ASTM-certified to surpass a 30 lbs/sq. ft. snow load test. A tiny home office can help you develop a routine and function as a unique space of your own. BOSS ensures affordable, luxurious, durable, and strong living units that can last for years. Our homes have a 3-year warranty period and ensure optimal safety due to their rigid structure. 

Adequate Sizes and Feature Upgrades 

Your living place should reflect the real you. The dream dwelling can become a reality as the BOSS manufacturers offer the best tiny home kits customized in various styles, sizes, layouts, and designs. You can pre-select the amenities, bedroom, living space, bathroom, and kitchen during the consultation session with our professionals. The standard size of the kits is 16′ x 40′ and 24’x 80′, but you can go larger or choose smaller as per your preferences. In addition, we offer feature upgrades for further customization to ensure ideal living conditions inside the workstation. 

Functionality and safety 

The affordable tiny house kits have pre-fitted electrical and plumbing systems, high vaulted ceilings to bring in light, double pane windows to ensure security, and vinyl-coated walls to increase energy efficiency. In addition, the functional home kits come with a user-friendly manual to make assembling simpler. It takes approximately three days and two skilled laborers to install the tiny home. 

Eco-friendly solution 

Installing energy-efficient vinyl cladding and roofing can be a great start to reducing utility bills. As a result, you can start leading a greener and more responsible lifestyle. Tiny homes result in smaller footprints, consume less energy, and liberate individuals from obligations of traditional society. Moreover, the vinyl-coated interior walls help reflect light to each corner of the room, saving utility bills. 

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Travel while you work. Make every day count. With tiny house kits on wheels, you can travel and work simultaneously. You can also request a home loan for tiny houses that get sanctioned as soon as eligibility criteria and other details are approved.

At BOSS, we offer a free consultation session to discuss your requirements. Our experts discuss and focus on the design aspects to provide you with unique, affordable, and long-lasting solutions. Request a quote now. Connect with BOSS Tiny House today.

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