Tiny house kits on wheels or a foundation? Weighing the pros and cons

Dec 13, 2021

The housing market crash brought the idea of tiny homes into play. However, the selection of the best tiny house kits is now divided into two. Either you choose the tiny house kits on wheels or the tiny home fixed on a foundation. If you have plans of downsizing, then you need to check out the affordable tiny house kits at BOSS. Housing costs are unstable, and with people moving into cities looking for jobs, finding a proper place to stay is limited. That’s when alternative housing ideas came into play, and the tiny home popularity started growing manifold. However, if you are confused about making a choice between tiny homes on wheels or a foundation, then this write-up is a must-read.

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Stationary homes or the ones on wheels 

Choosing a stationary ADU unit is essential if you have in-laws coming over to stay for a few days or you want to rent out the space for additional income. The tiny stationary homes are ideal for families who are looking for extra space and privacy. People who have plans to buy a bigger house usually settle for tiny homes on a foundation as they are economical and serve the purpose well. The homes come in 16’ x 40’ and 24’x 80’ sizes with a 3-year warranty. BOSS Tiny House can customize the size based on requirements.

The tiny house kits on wheels take three days and two laborers for installation. However, it’s an easy task with the DIY installation manual. The home on wheels has pre-installed plumbing and electrical systems just like the stationary ones. The only added factor is the mobility and flexibility they offer, along with comfortable living. The affordable tiny house kits are spacious enough to accommodate five people and strong with ASTM-certified steel roofs and doors. The vinyl cladding ensures good insulation and offers protection against harsh weather conditions.

Stationary units are larger than the ones on wheels 

The best tiny house kitsbuilt on a foundation have slightly larger floor plans that allow more customization options. However, it’s not that the house on wheels is smaller. On the contrary, the tiny home on wheels needs to be lightweight and smaller to ensure more mobility. However, the preselected kitchen, bathroom, and finishing of the interior space are common between the two. BOSS uses modern and innovative ideas to offer you upgraded tiny home features that provide aesthetics, good living, and maximum durability. Whether stationary or the home on wheels, you can get the tiny house customized to fit your requirements.

Home loans available for both

BOSS Tiny House provides home loans for both stationary and mobile homes. You need to meet the eligibility criteria for the loan to get sanctioned. It takes a few minutes, after which you can talk to the engineers about your customization choices and preferences.

Wrapping up

Downsizing and choosing tiny homes is a big decision. To select between the home on wheels and that on a foundation, you would require expert consultation. BOSS offers a free consultation. Request a quote to get connected.

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