Tiny House Kits as Holidays Rentals: Profit and Solitude Assured

Oct 24, 2023

The affordable tiny house kit is gaining significant popularity among homeowners for its far-reaching potentials. In the last few years, tiny homes have become reliable for people looking for detached apartments, granny pods, guest cottages, or in-law suites. These tiny houses are affordable and convenient when planning to upgrade your existing home for additional space. 

Of late, the affordable tiny house has gained prominence among people who show interest in becoming short-term rental hosts with popular companies. The prospect of tiny houses as rental homes is undeniable as it brings some impressive benefits in the long run. Moreover, their affordability and ease of installation make them a better choice than traditionally constructed houses. 


How did tiny houses gain prominence in the US housing industry?

The tiny house is an accessory structure equipped with the necessary amenities required for a dwelling. The popularity of tiny houses began with the Tiny House Movement in the USA, which advocated downsizing living spaces and simplifying the lifestyle. However, with the financial crisis of 2007-08, the use and sale of the affordable tiny house saw a significant increase. The tiny houses became a means of shelter for people without homes when foreclosures and mortgages dominated the US housing bubble.

The low cost and remarkably easy installation popularised the tiny houses among people who lost their homes to the expenses during the financial crisis. The viability of the structure, the sustainability of this model, and the affordability came as a cost-saving solution for the municipality’s housing the homeless initiative. Then, more people started to buy affordable Tiny House kits to embrace downsizing. 

Why do tiny homes make for perfect short-term rental homes?

Right from their introduction to the American market, tiny homes have been widely used to list in popular companies like Airbnb as short-term rental homes. Apart from offering space solutions, these tiny homes have evolved as a reliable source of additional income for homeowners. There are many benefits to choosing tiny homes for your Airbnb listing; let’s check them out. 

Privacy Guaranteed: The best part of hosting a tiny home for travelers and tourists is that it ensures complete privacy. The tiny homes will be part of the same property while remaining detached from the main house, so hosts and guests need not coexist in the same space. The tiny homes come with a dedicated cooking zone, sanitary facilities, and sleeping area, providing complete privacy to both the hosts and the guests. 

Convenient for upkeep: Rather than having the rental homes scattered all over the place, opting for a tiny home installed in the property itself is convenient. It gives the hosts more advantage of keeping things under control and makes it convenient to clean and maintain the space. It also reduces the travel time that would otherwise be bothersome to maintain and attend to the guests. 

Profitable Option: Since the tiny houses are independent living spaces, hosts do not need to worry about sharing their personal space with the guests. Moreover, it also ensures that you can host guests for more number of days, making more earnings and profit. 

Adaptability: The affordable tiny house kit is also impressively versatile apart from being affordable. They can be efficiently used for different purposes for convenience and comfort of activities. While rental homes are one prospect of tiny homes, there are different ways in which you can incorporate the tiny house for a seamless experience. 

BOSS tiny homes are quality-assured and offer flexible payment options

While there are many companies and brands manufacturing tiny homes, BOSS tiny homes stand out in terms of quality, durability, and affordability. BOSS tiny homes use commercial-grade roof and wall construction, ensuring insulation and weather resistance. The roofs are capable of withstanding a snow load of 30 lbs/sqft. They also take care of the safety of the buildings by using the highest-rated building materials for construction. Moreover, the design and site plan meet the International building codes. 

Additionally, BOSS tiny homes come with a permit package that makes it convenient for homeowners to acquire permission from local departments. The site plans are pre-made with engineer-stamped structural drawings that are Title 24 energy-certified and with FM approval certification. BOSS also ensures flexible payment solutions with their tie-up with Custom Fin for installment options with rates as low as 3.99%. To buy affordable Tiny House kits from BOSS, visit the website now or call 323-870-6678.

Final Word

If you were wondering behind the craze of tiny homes among homeowners, the high prospects of the structure explain the same. These structures make your journey towards becoming a host easy and convenient. A well-maintained tiny home and your attentiveness as a host can really help you kick off your Airbnb career. Start your journey as a host today by investing in BOSS tiny homes








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