Tiny House Kits are Perfect for Beginners

Feb 02, 2019

Let’s face it — building your own tiny house can be daunting, especially for newbies. It can take longer, cost more and yet, you may not be fully satisfied with the results.

Building a tiny house from scratch requires a fair amount of construction experience and is often best left to the experts. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take the DIY route when considering getting yourself a tiny house.

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If you’ve just dipped your toes into the world of tiny living, we have some great tiny house kits to get your feet wet.

Here are tiny house kits you can get your hands on at this moment. And the best part is, they are all under $20k.

This is a fully planned, engineered, and pre-built home just waiting for you to assemble it all together. One of the easiest tiny houses to put together, it serves as a cozy accommodation for two people. Plus, this home comes with an added loft to address the issue of storage — the biggest challenge for any tiny house dweller.×20-complete-w-finishing

If you do get stuck during the building process, need technical support, or wish to familiarize yourself with the local codes and regulations, don’t worry — you can avail their consultation services or get professional assistance locally.

This is yet another incredibly easy-to-assemble tiny house kit on our list that accommodates two people and costs nearly half the price of traditional cabins. The kit comes with a dozen of great features including prefab doors, windows, wind and snow support, as well as roofing and other upgrades.

Design Yours

Longing for a place of refuge where you can escape from your daily grind for a few days? Maybe you’re looking for a permanent residence nestled in the woods or simply want a creative space separated from your home.

If you’ve always wanted to build a tiny house but were daunted with idea of doing everything from ground up, these tiny house kits are just what you need to get started. They are affordable, doable and especially designed for beginners and do-it-yourselfers like you!







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