Tiny House Doubles as Teenager’s Bedroom and Study Room

Sep 17, 2019

BOSS is revered as the largest manufacturers and distributors of tiny house on foundation and wheels. We also have a team of installers and designers who helps those seeking assistance in setting up our tiny house kits. Recently, we helped a family of four build a tiny house study room that also doubled as their teenage kids’ bedroom. We provided the family will all the help that they needed as they did not wish to take the DIY approach.

In this blog, we will tell you how we helped the family build and decorate their tiny house in their backyard.

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The parents wanted to give their two teenage boys freedom, but wanted to keep them close. Space was becoming a problem in their small house, and therefore, they turned to us. We provided them with our all-inclusive tiny house kit that features complete electrical and plumbing systems. Our team made their way to their backyard to assemble the kit.

Once the infrastructure was assembled, it was time to decorate the interior and exterior of the tiny house. Since it was to be made into a bedroom and study room, we divided the interior sections of the tiny house. The upper section or the loft became the bedroom and we connected it to the lower section with stairs. For the bedroom, we chose bunk beds to save space and put some bean bags because boys like to sit on bean bags and play games or just have fun.

As for the lower section of the tiny house, we divided it into the kitchen, bathroom and the maximum space was dedicated to the study room. The study room had a big table, instead of two separate tables. We put in two chairs and here too, we threw in a couple of bean bags thinking that the boys might want to call over their friends to study at times. The table had cabinets on either side where they can keep their study materials. Other than that, we decorated the room with several shelves so that the space on the wall can be utilized and they can keep books or their board games on the shelves.

Design Yours

We kept the bathroom and kitchen simple. It just had the essentials. In the kitchen, we fitted an oven and a freezer for snacks and beverages. As for the exterior of the tiny house, we used the wall space to fit a dartboard and also a basketball hoop. This was because the teenage boys liked playing sports and they could use the sunshine once a while.

After we helped them with the basic setup of the tiny house, the family chose to decorate it further as per their taste and preferences. But, our team had a lot of fun working with them.

Design Yours

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